[Review] The Vampire Diaries – Season 3


Oy, it’s been a long time since I reviewed an entire season of an American TV show.  However, this one is very worthy.  It was sooo long ago when the season started off in September with Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) birthday party.  Most of this season dealt with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and the other Originals, their stories and how they became to pledge allegiance with Klaus or not.  Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) spent a large part of the season away and Alaric (Matt Davis) explored his Mr. Hyde side.  Finally, Elena ultimately had to make the choice.  So let me ask you this: are you Team Stefan (Paul Wesley) or are you Team Damon(Ian Somerhalder)?

The show is always known to end their episodes with such great cliffhangers.  Even when the episodes aren’t OH-MI-EFFIN-GOD great, the less than great episodes are still pretty good because you get that tidbit of information that gives you insight to the characters and the past.  I always get a little upset when they go off on hiatus.  You just want to know what happens next that logic doesn’t set in that it takes time to shoot the vampire fighting scenes.  What appears on screen for a second, takes probably 3 days to shoot and that’s considered fast.

Stefan spent a large part of the first half of the season exploring his dark side which had him being loyal to Klaus. I have to admit enjoying seeing this side of him as his good side can be dry.  Even I could feel Damon’s annoyance that Stefan always wanted to make the right choice but it was also interesting see how his dark side put a strain on his relationship with Elena.

However, their separation didn’t last too long because by season’s end they were well on their way to being reconciled.

Klaus.  The big bad.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m kinda taken with his character.  He’s selfish, mean but he’s also a hurt, little boy.

I enjoyed seeing him crush after Caroline (Candice Accola) but I’m also equally glad that she kept him at arms length.  He hasn’t changed yet and I’d like his character to continue to grow.  So that’s why I wasn’t ready to see him go, TWICE.  Sort of.  I was relieved to see that he stuck around in some form and things are going to be quite interesting for him and Caroline next season.

Klaus was all about loyalty but the way he got it was by threatening and sire bonding people.  And when Klaus lost Stefan, he had Tyler (Michael Trevino).

Tyler has come a long way since the first season and I love his romance with Caroline.  He has spent a lot of the season away in order to fight his bond with Klaus and to be loyal to his friends again.  Beyond that there wasn’t much going on with his character or that we saw.  He mostly stayed behind scenes until the finale.

The second half of the season, the big bad had actually become Alaric.  I, for one, was glad about that because really there was nowhere else to go with his character.  He figured out what happened to his wife, he had romanced Aunt Jenna, bromanced Damon and was starting to romance Dr. Fell.

He needed a twist and it came in the form of the emergence of his Mr. Hyde.  I think I was satisfied with the ending of this plotline though.  It was sad to see him go but I could always see him make a comeback.

Then, there was the biggest surprise of the night.  The producers kept telling us that Elena would be making her choice which she did.  However, we didn’t see that there would be a great change to our main character.  I really liked that they explored her past in order to get into her future.  I can’t wait for what lies ahead especially since we learned that Elena had actually met Damon first and erased her memory of it.  Now her memory of that night will return and I want to see how that knowledge will affect her choice.



One thought on “[Review] The Vampire Diaries – Season 3

  1. I marathoned the last 7 episodes yesterday. This was such a great season for VD. A lot of the dynamics changed in the character’s relationships which was refreshing. I have always loved the show, but I was getting annoyed with the whole “We have to do this, that and the other and sacrifice this person in order to save Elena….” They can only do that oh so many times. I’m excited to see what happens next season and I am really annoyed that I have to wait 3.5-4 months for the new season.

    And to answer your question, while I love me some Ian Somerhalder, Team Stefan all the way 🙂


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