Jive Monkey Playlist: 5/18/12

Feels like time to take a trip down old school lane.  There’s a myriad of reasons why I decided to write about Kim Gun Mo, one of my all-time favorite artists.  I have been following him for a long time and he’s quite the music prodigy.  I love that he understands a lot of genres of music and knows how to play a lot of instruments but I especially love to see him crooning at the piano.  His voice is truly unique and he’s known to be quite a jokester.

Also, he returned to I am a Singer for the 2nd season.  I’m surprised that he did come back after the fallout from the last time he was on the show which resulted in a huge outcry by netizens (including myself) when they changed the rules so he wouldn’t be eliminated.  He left the show and the PD was fired but now they are both back.  Currently, he’s vying for the chance to be this month’s artist with the other Group A & B Top 3 singers.

If we’re talking about Kim Gun Mo and his discography, you have to listen to his 3rd album, “Wrongful Meeting”.  While my favorite is actually his 4th album, “Exchange,” any Kim Gun Mo fan will know the 3rd one.  Besides the title track, “Wrongful Meeting,” he promoted almost all the songs that are on it.  From beginning to end, it’s a very good album.

I chose to feature “너에게 (마음으로 하는 말) (To You (Speaking With My Heart))”.  It’s a got a reggae beat and the backing track is sung by Chun Sung Il from the old K-pop group, Noise.  It’s a cute love confession, only he just doesn’t have the courage to tell her so he’s telling it to himself.  The nervousness is apparent in the lyrics as he goes back and forth from he’s going to tell her to he’s too shy to admit it.

Kim Gun Mo – 너에게 (마음으로 하는 말) (To You (Speaking With My Heart))

김건모 – 너에게 (마음으로 하는 말)

너에게 (마음으로 하는 말)

난 오늘도 너에게 마음으로 말하지
사랑해 한마디 워-
난 언제나 너에게 사랑을 노랠하지
너만이 들을 수 있는 목소리로
마음으론 항상 난 사랑을 말하지만
막상 네 앞에서면 태연해지려고 하고
너와 둘이 있을때면
널 안아두고 싶지만
눈이 마주칠때면 겸연적어서 웃지
나의 맘을 모두다 네게 주고싶지만
소중한 사랑일수록 아껴둬야 하는걸
*난 알기에
너에게 표현하지 않을뿐
사랑은 내맘속에
난 오늘도 너에게 마음으로 말하지
사랑해 눈빛으로 전할뿐이야
너를 보고 있을때면 난 편안함을 느끼지
너의 미소속에서 사랑을 느끼며 워~
너의 손을 잡을때면 난 따스함을 느끼지
너의 마음속으로 내가 들어가 워-
너를 사랑한다고 말을 하고 싶지만
아름다운 사랑일수록 아껴둬야 하는걸

To You (Speaking With My Heart)

Today, I will tell you, with my heart
I love you, that one phrase, woah~
At any time, I will sing out my love for you
In a voice only you can hear
To myself, I always say I love you
Now in front of you, I’m nonchalant
When it’s just the two of us,
I want to hug you
But when our eyes meet, I sheepishly smile
I want to give my whole heart to you
Because love is precious, I should save it
*To my knowledge,
I just haven’t expressed it yet,
ㅅhe love in my heart
Today, I will tell you, with my heart
I love you, I’ll send a signal with a look
When I look upon you, I feel comforted
Within your smile, I feel love, woah~
When I hold your hand, I feel warmth
I enter your heart, woah~
I want to tell you that I love you
Because love is beautiful, I should save it


One thought on “Jive Monkey Playlist: 5/18/12

  1. Ah it’s nice to see people posting about Kim Gunmo 🙂
    He has such a relaxing voice, has some really wonderful song and is such a great performer. Totally awesome guy and I hardly come across many that have appreciation for him.


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