Mmmusings… – Uuuhhhmmm… WTF did I just watch?

I kinda knew what I was going to get into as soon as I saw the trailer for Fashion King.  Lot of flash, no depth.  The lack of originality of the production staff even extended to using Sex and the City’s soundtrack for the trailer.

I just really liked the actors and wanted to give it a try.  I’ve been surprised before.  I didn’t quite expect the drama to be quite so makjang but I went with it.  In a perfect world, I had hoped for it to be a darkly, witty look at the fashion world and the first 2 episodes was a bit like that even if the plot was far-fetched.  The Devil Wears Prada achieved that but really, Lee Je Hoon?  You gave up the lead in King 2 Hearts for this?  I love Lee Seung Gi as the king but just how much did they pay you to take this drama?  How do you go from The Front Line to this?


What stayed consistent was Kang Young Gul’s (Yoo Ah In) hatred for Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Je Hoon), and vice versa.  I can understand a person narrow focus for vengeance and I don’t need dramas to be all happy, shiny and all is right with the world.  I just need to know why certain choices are made by the writer to bring the arc of the drama to a close.  I suppose there’s no rule in the book where I have to love the main character but why show his sympathetic side in the penultimate and final episode leading up to the very end? It’s a little too late to feel sorry for Young Gul when over and over again we’re shown him being petty.

Then there’s that scene where Young Gul comes back to Jae Hyuk to ask for money so that Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung) can have her fashion show is reminiscent of the beginning.  Are you trying to say that we’re right back where we started?  I mean, do you boys secretly love each other?  Is this a love/hate thing?  Would you two just make out already?

And what’s to say that the Jae Hyuk/Ga Young couple won’t end up just like Jae Hyuk/Anna (Kwon Yu Ri)?

I do think Jae Hyuk has matured more than Young Gul has but the pressure of his family is still there.  Despite my doubts of what comes after, I do like this couple better.

Finally, I don’t feel bad about releasing this spoiler but I’ll give those who don’t want to know a chance to look away.  Let’s just take a moment to talk about the ridonculousness of Young Gul getting in the pool with that white fur coat.  What the Abominable Snowman needs a dip in the pool?

Here it comes…  Young Gul doesn’t make it but I’m not mad about that.  Are you surprised by that?  Putting it in K2H terms, he doesn’t have people anymore.  OMG, he’s the Bong Gu of this drama.  But since he got capped in New York, can the hitman try to off him in a style that’s from this century and at least turn the gun horizontally?  Gangsta style?  Uh oh, it’s the kill shot!

Kidding aside, I’m not sure what the point was for him to call Ga Young.  You should have been better to her when you had her and don’t tell her you miss her and that you want her to come over.  But if I had to see it from another point of view, maybe it was so that it could help Ga Young to move on.  Okay, whatever.  I don’t care.  Does anyone else find it absurd that she didn’t hear the shot through the phone?  Yeah, it’s gotten to the point where I care more about the logistics of the scene rather than what’s going on emotionally with the characters.

I’ll get more into the nonsense of this drama in the review when I… when I goddamn feel like it!  But I think we already know how I feel about it.


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