Mmmusings… – Mr. Congeniality

The stars were lined up for the premiere of Kang Ji Hwan’s new action comedy, Detective Cha.

It’s about a overweight detective with a D-Line figure who goes undercover as a model to take down a drug ring involved in the modeling world.

Kang Ji Hwan gained 10kg (approx. 22 lbs.) only to lose it all again during the course of the filming.  Yikes.  What actors have to go through for their roles sometimes.

Sung Yuri reunites with Kang Ji Hwan again since Hong Gil Dong.

I can’t to watch, laugh and love Kang Ji Hwan all over again because he needs a little love from me after the Lie to Me.  But since it’s from the same director as Level 7, Civil Servant, I know I’m gonna laugh.

Models/Actors, Lee Soo Hyuk (Tree with Deep Roots, Vampire Idol), Kim Young Gwan (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store), Shin Min Chul, co-star.

Hong Suk Chun’s line sticks out at me the most from the trailer, “Omomomo, this is insane.  What’s up with him and his bow-legged walk?”  Yup, that’s right.  That’s the Kang Ji Hwan I love.  Sexxxy.  Lol.


One thought on “Mmmusings… – Mr. Congeniality

  1. For me, Kang Ji Hwan is definitely one of the funniest Korean actors. Hopefully I will get a chance to see this movie soon because I kinda miss laughing to Ji Hwan’s comedies. Actually, one of the reasons I was so disappointed in Lie To Me was because it went so dramatic as the episodes went on, though every conflict could have been an easy fix -what a waste of Ji Hwan’s comedic talent. So, I’m excitedly gonna wait for this movie.


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