Just Bananas About: Week of 5/28/12

Happy Memorial Day!!  So I’ve been watching Queen In Hyun’s Man and it’s nice to be able to compare it to Rooftop Prince since it involves the male character to travel time and end up in the present.  You don’t get the 3 Joseon posse the way you do in Rooftop Prince but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it.  I wasn’t sold with the 1st episode but I was very intrigued by the 2nd.

The background story of the drama involves the struggle between Queen In Hyun supporters and Jang Hee Bin supporters. Jang Hee Bin was one of King Sukjong’s concubine and he began to favor her over Queen In Hyun.  She was able to get the Queen exiled from the palace with the help of the Soron faction.  The Noron faction supported Queen In Hyun and they worked to reinstate her in the late 17th Century while demoting Jang Hee Bin.  A couple years later, Queen In Hyun died of unknown circumstances and Jang Hee Bin was found with her brother and a shaman praying for the Queen’s death.  Jang Hee Bin was subsequently executed for her treasonous actions.

In the drama, Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) is a Noron supporter of Queen In Hyun and the Soron Jang Hee Bin supporters try to get rid of him.  He figures out that that talisman he’s been given zaps him to the future whenever his life is in danger.  He meets an actress, Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na), who’s been given the role of a lifetime, to play Queen In Hyun in a drama.  She helps him adjust to life in the modern world and they fall in love.

In the last couple of episodes Kim Boong Do went back in time only to discover that one of Min Ahm’s henchmen was waiting for him.

A fight ensues and the talisman gets cut in half.

It resulted in the timeline changing in the present, Boong Do losing some of his memory and separating our lovers.  Aaah, the angst!  I was biting my fingernails wondering when and how they bring our OTP back together.

Finally, Boong Do gets his memory back and he makes his way back to Hee Jin.  The sight of their eyes meeting on the red carpet at the award ceremony was super sweet but Hee Jin’s circle was working to keep the two apart.

Duk Hwan – 지금 만나러 갑니다 (I’m Coming to Meet Them)

덕환 – 지금 만나러 갑니다

I was crushed when Hee Jin finally runs out to meet Boong Do but eventually reports back to her friend, Soo Kyung (Ga Deuk Hee), that she missed meeting him.

But I was so delighted to find out that she lied.

However, the sweetness didn’t stop there.  Boong Do and Hee Jin spend a romantic night together at a pension.

Oh how I wish I was as light as Yoo In Na.  Kekeke.

I love the slow dance kiss.

Episode 12 begins to deal with Boong Do struggling over whether he should give up his life in the past to be with Hee Jin.  He chooses to plan a future with Hee Jin but I don’t doubt that the dilemma will make a reappearance.


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