Monkey Poo: Resuming Married Life

Aaah, finally some good news on MBC’s variety show We Got Married.  Looks like if all goes well, they’ll be airing new episodes this coming Saturday.  It’s still a little touch and go as they haven’t figured out the filming schedules yet for the new episodes but the PDs are working on it.  I think it means that perhaps we’ll get a new episode on Saturday but the airing of new episodes might get interrupted as the production staff tires to film new episodes with the couples amidst their busy schedules.  We’ll get to see Lee Teuk/Kang Sora and Lee Jang Woo/Ham Eun Jung returning as the couples. The scheduling might be a little difficult on Lee Jang Woo as he’s currently filming I Do, I Do with Kim Sun Ah.  In other WGM news, it looks like Yoo In Na was supposed to be part of one of the new couples that was replacing Park So Hyun/Kim Won Jun.

However with the news of Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na’s relationship being something more than work colleagues, that’s all up in the air and it’s not clear whether the show will be airing her footage.  I think it’ll be unlikely as she’s probably not going to continue with the show anyways.  But I do wonder who her partner was.  Also, I think it’d be unlikely for her to shoot brand new episodes with Ji Hyun Woo as he’s expected to leave for the army in July.  So there goes that.

Yay, that the show will be returning.  Boo for the production staff probably having to scramble not only to film new episodes but to find a 3rd couple.  I hate when productions have to scramble.  Things get sloppy.  Now, when will Infinite Challenge be returning?


2 thoughts on “Monkey Poo: Resuming Married Life

  1. Thank god. I was getting worried that WGM won’t be returning at all.
    But what’s up with Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo? Do they really have some kind of a relationship or is it just media mumbo jumbo? Though, I do like them as a couple…


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