Monkey Poo: To Blacklist or To Un-Blacklist

My goodness, I haven’t really thought about it but has it really been 5 years since I last saw Joo Ji Hoon on television?

The Devil was back in 2007 and then the whole Ecstasy/Ketamine drug scandal happened in 2009 which then lead to him going to army in 2010 after serving his community service as part of a court order.  The army, sometimes, is an image reboot but looks like the netizens aren’t ready to see him.  On TV anyways.

He finished filming I am King and it’s expected to be released in August.  He was supposed to do a sageuk with Ji Jin Hee, SBS’ The Great Seer, which airs after A Gentleman’s Dignity, but that fell through.  Next up is Five Fingers, another SBS project, which is about 50 episodes long and from the makjang drama team behind Temptation of Wife and Temptation of an Angel but the netizens have voiced that they are strongly opposed to seeing him on network TV.  I just know what with the makjang and 50 episodes length that it’s very unlikely I’m going to be watching Five Fingers, regardless if Joo Ji Hoon is in it or not.  KBS and MBC have not removed him from their blacklist.

I have mixed feelings about it.  I definitely think he deserves forgiveness since he served his time.  However, I do like sometimes that Korean netizens are critical of a celebrity’s bad behavior.  When it gets overwhelmingly negative, that’s one thing and I don’t approve of that but I’m sick and tired of the Charlie Sheens (has a new FX show) and the Lindsay Lohans (random sighting of a sickly Lohan on Glee).  I think perhaps that Joo Ji Hoon should try and look towards cable TV instead of network.  As an actor, I think he’ll have a greater chance of showing his range as the material is very creative and in the end I think that’s what’s most important when it comes to a drama.  Let’s hope he’ll be able to score a new project.


2 thoughts on “Monkey Poo: To Blacklist or To Un-Blacklist

  1. I actually agree. Sometimes it’s good that netizens are that harsh, then stars are more careful with their public images. It’s better that they know that a scandal of such volume can negatively affect whole their career. Though I am willing to forget and forgive Joo Ji Hoon, it’s better that his drug scandal isn’t taken as lightly as it would have been in the States (Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan really don’t deserve their fame). Since I believe in second chances, I hope he’ll do better now.


    • Just because they were in the news this morning… Can we please get some Korean netizens on Chris Brown and Drake? I don’t know why their fans like them. And I don’t care who started the fistfight.


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