Just Bananas About: Week of 6/25/12

Congratulations to Running Man for making it all the way to Episode 100.  I can’t quite say that 100 was my favorite episode but it’s quite an achievement for a show to remain relevant for this long.

This week’s episode was the “God and Goddess War Special” and featured special guest, Actress Kim Hee Sun.

I have to admit that I was a little bit worried when the members voted for Kim Jong Kook again (and Lee Kwang Soo).  Didn’t they learn their lesson from the last time?  However, this time it meant that he wouldn’t be a god but instead a mere human for this week’s challenge.

That didn’t keep Kim Jong Kook out of the Gods’ Temple.  Haha, he’s like Hercules even without the godly powers.

The two humans quickly learned that they couldn’t eliminate the gods by ripping their nametags off.  To do that, they had to figure out which god they were and what their weakness was.

So congratulations to Running Man for keeping us entertained for 2 years.  Here’s to many more episodes of laughter and entertainment!


Also a congrats should go out to Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy.  It’s the Euro Cup and these 4 teams made it through the quarterfinals.

Yesterday, Italy played against England and it was scoreless all the way through extra time.  They had to settle things during the penalty kick shootout where Italy scored 4 goals against England’s 2 goals.  Mind you, the penalty shootout is a total crap shoot but England hasn’t quite been on top of their soccer game recently.  With or without Rooney.

Portugal will duke it out with Spain and Germany will go up against Italy on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.  Let’s hope for Portugal’s sake it doesn’t take Ronaldo 20 tries to actually score a single goal but I’m hoping to see a rematch of Spain vs. Germany in the finals.


5 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 6/25/12

  1. Congrats to Running Man! It is the one variety show I have watched from episode 1 🙂 I feel like it has lost some steam along the way, but there are episodes here and there that I fully enjoy. I miss the old Running Man where they had a tag/hide-and-seek format, and was hoping they would go back to that for the 100th episode as a sort of tribute. I really hope SJK comes back at one point because I miss seeing his dorky self every week.

    As for Euros, I’m in Korea and the games have been on at 3:45 am so I…missed them. I watched most of the group games, but I have failed to stay up for the knock out stages so far. However, I am going to wake up or stay up late for semifinals and finals! I’ve been a Spain fan from ’06, but they have yet to make me 100% confident in them like I was during ’08 and ’10. I’m also hoping for a Spain vs. Germany final, but I would not mind Italy in the finals either.


    • I agree and one game I do miss is “Find the Guest” game. I wish at one point they would bring that back because I am growing weary of the spy thing. Oh and I want them to bring back the punishments as well.

      It was so random to see SJK in that Park Ji Sung episode but he didn’t even say one word on camera. I didn’t even notice that he was sitting next to Gary until they called him and he got up.

      I have to admit that some of the Korean and American programming took a little bit of a backseat to the Euro Cup. I wasn’t sure about posting about a sporting event but even the variety shows on the weekends have been pretty quiet. They’re still entertaining but nothing new or spectacular for me to report about. I feel like the same will happen once the Olympics start up.


      • I loved the Find the Guest game and the punishments were classic. I hope they do some sort of Running Man Classics series or something when they run out of ideas lolol

        I noticed Song Joong Ki right away (since I’m a fangirl), but found it so awkward to just see him there and not get asked to say something. I mean, he was a regular at one point, but maybe the editing just cute some parts out?

        I caught the second half and PKs of the Spain vs, Portugal game. Spain definitely has to do something better to win the Euro cup. At this point, I can’t say they really deserve to win it. Villa is sorely missed 😦 I find it very weird that Llorente has never been used even though he’s had a pretty great season.


      • Running Man Olympics! What with the London Olympics coming up. They could do all of RM’s best games. 🙂

        It was so strange. It could be the editing but I was actually thinking that it might be some contractual thing. Like they didn’t get his appearance approved from his manager or rep. To not even say hello? Very weird.

        OMG, I’m totally missing the Germany v. Italy match right now! Aaah, I’m only 1/2 hour late to it. Spain v. Portugal was so hard to watch. Especially since the match before it was England v. Italy and that also ended in a 0-0 tie with PKs at the end. Shame that the most expensive player in futbol (aka Ronaldo) didn’t even get to kick. That was a poor lineup. FYI, not a fan of Portugal. Just stating the facts. Off to sneak watch Germany v. Italy.


  2. I would love a RM Olympics 🙂

    The members eventually said Song Joong Ki’s name, so yea it was weird that they didn’t even give him some screen time to say hello.

    I saw the first half highlights and most of the second half. I went to sleep after I felt that Italy was going to win. I had a weird feeling that Germany wouldn’t make the finals since they were huge favorites to win it all. Ronaldo hasn’t been too great at PKs lately, but yea it does suck that he didn’t even get a chance. When Ramos went for Spain I was praying that he wouldn’t pull a Champs League Part II. I’m hoping for a Spain triumph because they would be the first nation to win three major competitions in a row, but I want them to be in top gear if they do. No more 0-0 + extra time + PKs please~


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