Monkey Poo: Jumping the Gun on Nora Ephron?

Ayyyy, this is so sad if it’s true.

Liz Smith may have had preemptively posted a eulogy online about Nora Ephron.  However her publisher Knopf countered the eulogy by saying that Nora Ephron hasn’t passed away.  Now, the 71 year-old director-writer is being reported as being gravely ill from leukemia and may not survive the night.  However, Twitter was abuzz tonight when people read Liz Smith’s comments on saying, “I won’t say, ‘Rest in peace, Nora’ – I will just ask ‘What the hell will we do without you?’

Ephron’s friend, MariaElena Fernandez responded with:

Her and Janet Maslin were two of the most influential people for why I chose my career.  Aaah, now I need to go do a marathon of some of my favorite films she’s directed and written.

UPDATE: RIP Nora Ephron.  Entertainment Weekly has reported that Nora Ephron has passed away due to complications from myelodysplasia (formerly known as preleukemia).  For the full report go to EW.


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