Just Bananas About: Week of 7/2/12

My goodness, Sunday was a good TV day/night.  Spain won the Euro Cup.  4-0.  Sorry, Italians.  But enough about sports… Running Man had Kim Bum Soo, Yoon Do Hyun, Yoon Jong Shin as the guests.  It’s a mini I am a Singer reunion.

With a cameo appearance by Kim Soo Hyun.  (Why wasn’t this episode the 100th episode?)

And The Newsroom continues to impress me with their 2nd episode.

So it’s probably bad form to talk about the same show I was talking about last week but this week’s episode of Running Man was so much funnier and exciting than last week’s.  This week the Running Man members were introduced to some gold but they quickly discovered that Song Ji Hyo had stolen them.  The episode’s theme was C.S.I.  (aka Chun Sung Im – Song Ji Hyo’s real name). The boys are tasked with tracking her down.

However, she’s got some help along the way to stay ahead of the boys.

Yoon Jong Shin is known for his lack of strength and athletic ability from Family Outing.  This time he was teamed up with the other weakling of the group, Ji Suk Jin.  Oh boy, does Kim Jong Kook has his handful.

It’s hilarious that he thought the best plan for limbo-ing would be to try and go fast underneath the pole.

But to Yoon Jong Shin’s credit, Kim Jong Kook realized that he’s not as flexible as he thought he was…

…to the delight of the other members.

Yoon Do Hyun took his sweet time chatting it up for the cameras and with fellow teammate Lee Kwang Soo which bothered Yoo Jae Suk.  Because… well… because they were in the middle of a race.

And Haha and Gary were disappointed by the sight of Kim Bum Soo because they were so hoping to team up with a female guest.  Sorry boys.

Oh and Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo??  Oh sorry, you’re going to have to find that out for yourself.


Aaah, I just love The Newsroom more and more.  I’ve read the reviews from other critics.  While some have said that the show is worth staying tuned, I don’t think a lot of critics have thoroughly praised the series.  I guess they’re all cynics that scoff at something that ends on a positive note.  What I love about this show is it’s ability to delve in the grey.  No one side is completely right and I love that Will McAvoy is a moderate conservative.  Sorkin loves his liberals and it’s nice to see the flip side of President Bartlett.  But let’s not get into everyone’s politics just yet, shall we?

This episode Mac learns that she got a knack for mass emailing and tells people that Will’s not really a bad guy but inadvertently ends up telling about her past with Will after promising not to.

Mac also aims to get the show to put things ahead of the news curve only to put the hands of the story to an underling.  Things don’t quite go according to plan.

I love that the superiors took the blame for the underlings.  Although, that doesn’t happen in the media industry… or any industry but especially in media.  *fingers the blame on THAT chunkeemonkee*

Will tries to trump Mac by defending Sarah Palin.  Now, that’s something I can scoff at.

However, he secretly ends up helping out an illegal immigrant who’s trying to support his family but he refuses to let Neal put that on his blog.  There’s plenty of grey area at work here and I love that no debate is as easy as it sounds.  It’s a slice of life that I’d like to see more of.


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