Just Bananas About: Week of 7/9/12

So I’ve been watching Kim Byung Man’s Laws of the Jungle 2 and thoroughly enjoying the groups trip to Vanuatu.

It’s a small country west of Fiji where a lot of the islands aren’t really inhabited.  The trip to the islands wrapped up this week and the last leg of the trip has them living with Mal Mal family.

The group had a lot of different experiences including eating some very exotic cuisine.

I have to admit that Kim Byung Man surprised me with this show.  I always kind of knew him as this comedian but through this show he’s quite the Renaissance man.  From climbing trees to spearing fish to inventing gadgets, if I were stuck in the wild I’d want to be with someone like him.

The group had built the family a swing and then he made a trap in order to capture a wild pig while Noh Woo Jin aids him.

Each of the other members, brings their own skill set to the program.  Chu Sung Hoon showed his brute strength by building a barbell so the family could lift weights but he proved that he could lift much more than the men in the Mal Mal family.  Then he went out with Ricky to catch a pig with his bare hands.

Park Shi Eun and Kwang Hee made jewelry and clothes out of leaves and harvested vegetables in the family’s vegetable patch.

Next, the family became witnesses to an interesting and impromtu ceremony.  The family established peace with a neighboring warring family by sending off their first-born daughters and keeping them as their own family as soon as they become an adult.

Later that night, the group treated the family to some Korean food like ramyun.  The spiciness didn’t quite meet the family’s palate.

Then they had the production crew doctor checked out the family.  Finally it was time to say goodbye and go home.  However not before Byung Man had to find the banyan tree in order to get info on the group’s hint for their next trip to the wild.

The group is expected to head to Siberia next.  I can’t wait for the tundra expedition and what better way to beat the summer heat than watch the group trying to beat the cold?

News of the trip has already been filtering out.  The group heads north but Kwang Hee had dropped out mid-trip due to leg injuries.  Perhaps this is the last time he’ll head out on another trip to the jungle?  He had wanted to quit while he was in Vanuatu.


2 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 7/9/12

  1. HI! i really love your posts. It makes me want to watch this variety. But i have no idea where can i watch it online. Really hope you can share with me the websites or links to download this great show! 🙂


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