First Impressions – Match: Ep. 65 – 짝: 65회


There have been a lot of promos for the newest season of Match.  The cast is a lot younger and they head to Malaysia.  So here I was willing to give the show another try.

Last time I started in the middle of the series and thought that perhaps I didn’t give it a fair once over since the cast had already established their biases towards each other. With a new cast, I was hoping it might would get me better acclimated with the show.  This time there are 5 women and 7 men going to find their “match”.

I’m not a fan of the narration that makes this show feel like a nature program.  I feel the producers’ hands all over this show and it makes it feel like I’m watching pandas mate in captivity.

From the lunch setup where the girls had to choose who they’d want to have lunch with to the beach race to decide who gets to go on a date, the challenges seem very gimmicky.

But I do find it interesting how being a Korean-American and my personal preferences are vastly different from Koreans and their tastes.  When 3 of the girls selected Guy #7 to have lunch with because they were attracted to his muscles, they were surprised to discover what a poser he was later when his drunken actions later that night contradicted with the fact that he said he never gets drunk.  I spotted that a mile away and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up single at the end.

What drew me to The Romantic was that while the producer created challenges and provided various date options, the choice was ultimately in the hands of cast.  Where they take the relationship lay solely in their hands.  The producers take a backseat to the action and only ask the cast questions in order to discover hidden feelings.  Of course, in actuality the producers’ hands are all over that show as well but you don’t feel it as much. Aided by the beautiful backdrop of a romantic city, the show feels romantic.

Match is like watching The Bachelor/The Bachelorette and I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea. If you like that reality show, then I’d recommend it’s worth checking out Match.

On the other hand, I totally enjoyed the segment with the monkeys.  😉  And it’s partly due to the monkeys but mostly because the segment was edited well and it showed a sense of camaraderie with the group.

Some personal first impressions about the cast.  Some of this is superficial, some not.  Guy #1 steps up to the plate by being the group leader of sorts.  He makes sure the group is following the rules and guards over their safety.  Since he’s a cop, he seems aptly suited for the job.

I like Girl #3’s refreshing honesty.  Guy #5 looks kinda like Andy from Shinhwa.  Personally, I’d like to get to know Guy #6 better and was sad that none of the girls choose him for a lunch date.

I had my biases against the maknae, Girl #1, after seeing how she dressed for the airport.  Are we going to a club here?  But that quickly dissipated over the course of the episode.  Her mother had signed her up to be a part of the show because she went through a tough break up.

However, my preliminary feelings about the couples after watching this episode is I find Guy #3 and Girl#4 to be a cute couple so far.



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