Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato Turns 1

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure I could keep up with it and now a whole year had passed by.  Yay!  Wow, a year surely flies by fast.

I watch a lot of TV and films and my friends often ask me for my recommendations.  I used to joke at how I probably watched 40 hours a week before the blog but now I think I watch much more than that.  I watch at home, I watch on my way to work and I watch at the gym.  Yeah, you can say I’m pretty obsessed or passionate.  Tomayto, tomahto. If I could watch more TV while I sleep I would.  (In fact, I do leave the TV on while I sleep.  You know, you learn a lot about an actor’s ability to say the lines and sound editing by listening to a show.  It’s like how people used to listen to radio plays on the radio.)

Yelle – Ce Jeu (This Game)

Yelle – Ce Jeu

The blog started out as a way for me to keep track of what I watch and what I liked and disliked about them.  However, I added a lot more features since then so I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about some of features of the blog and what’s in store for the future.  In the last couple of days, I tweaked the layout of the site a wee bit so this will also serve as a tour.



Straight up, no frills, they’re just reviews of the shows and movies I’ve watched over the last year or so.  I’m moved by the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the editing or the music but the writing is a huge part of how I rate them.  It determines how the actor is supposed to act the scenes, how the story unfolds and how the editor will reveal the tale, how the director visualizes the scenes and how the composer will set the mood for the scenes.

If you just want my general impression, you can skip down to the bottom to see the banana rating.  10 Bananas means I loved it, 1/2 a Banana means I hate it. The Bananas have a frown the lower the score goes.

To see a list of all the reviews I’ve done, click “Reviews” in the menu to see them listed alphabetically.


If you’d like to know the reviews I’ve completed recently, scroll down to click on “Reviews” from the Categories menu on the side.  They should pop up according to the most recent post.



I’m happy to announce that some of my reviews are also being posted on Kpopparazzi.


Michael Bublé – Some Kind of Wonderful

Michael Bublé – Some Kind of Wonderful

There are two weekly columns I try to write.  You can expect the “Just Bananas About” column on Mondays and “Jive Monkey Playlist” column on Fridays.

Just Bananas About

As the title states, it’s what I’ve been obsessing or fangirling about for this week.  Whether it’s watching good dramas, movies, variety shows, concerts or listening to good music maybe I’ll be able to introduce you to something new and if you’re already into it we can gush about it together.

Jive Monkey Playlist

People often mistake this column as a music review column and it’s really not.  It’s what’s I’ve been grooving to lately on my iPod.  I don’t write about songs I dislike hence the non-review.  Mostly, it’s K-Pop songs and I’ll translate the lyrics into English.  There’s the occasional American or British music but that music has a wider audience than K-Pop.  I’ve been listening to this stuff since I was a kid and it always surprises me to see that the K-Pop audience has grown exponentially since then.  So I’m proud of how far and wide it’s spread but I also think it’s important for the non-Korean speakers to know what your K-Pop idols are singing.   Pop!gasa is a great resource for English translations of the hit songs but I try to bring the focus to lesser known tracks on an album or indie bands or old school K-Pop.  Aaah, let’s be real.  It’s just songs that I’m currently listening to and loving.

For real reviews and a chance to get to know a Korean musician/artist that you’re not familiar with check out Unsung Byul.


Monkey Poo

This was a post I started in order to talk about news elements in media.  The title comes from how much mud gets slung in the entertainment business and I wanted to sort through all that mess to just get at the facts.  Yeah, I read the gossip trades as much as anyone else but I’m not interested in reporting on who’s dating who or what trouble a star has gotten into UNLESS it affects a production.  I think it’s worthy to see a little behind-the-scenes look at what the industry is like as it gives me some understanding to the creative minds behind a drama, movie or music album.


On the other hand, sometimes I watch something and have random thoughts about it that shouldn’t be saved until after the drama is done.



I don’t have a huge desire to be a recapper as there are a lot of recappers out there that I think do a great job.  Plus, the volume of shows that I watch doesn’t allow me to have time to recap shows on a weekly basic.  To date, the only recap I did was for Twelve Men in a Year.  The reason being was that no one seemed to be doing it.  Initially, I was going to volunteer my time to help out and sub the show but there was a licensing issue that prevented me from doing it.  It resulted in the subs coming out quite late.  I really enjoyed the show and wanted to share that with more people.  So if there’s a show that I find noteworthy in the future and no one’s recapping, I might put that recapping thinking cap back on.


Kim Jong Wook – 그대만이 (Just For You)

김종욱 – 그대만이

So that’s what I’ve been up to this year.  I hope to connect with more TV and Movie fans and to maybe open the door beyond the English and Korean entertainment-scape.  If you’re interested in reviewing, please send me an email through the Contact Us page.  As much as I watch, I can’t watch everything so I’m eager to collaborate with people.  Just know that this blogging thing is hard work and requires some commitment.

Finally, I did it.  I finally, finally, finally signed up for Twitter last week.  I’ve been resisting for so long.  You can find me @chunkeemonkee1.  I’m not quite all that #hashtag or retweet savvy so be patient with me.  I’ve been on it for a week now so that I could just familiarize myself with Twitter.  For now, I just want to use this as a forum for me to comment in real time about K-Dramas and other TV shows as I’m watching them.  Be forewarned that there will probably be spoilers but I’ll try to be as cryptic as I possibly can.  For those instances when I can’t, I’ll try to mark SPOILER on my tweets whenever I can.  However, there will probably also be other randomness as well.  Follow, comment, we’ll see how this goes as the 140-character things is proving to be a little difficult for me.  Hee.

6 thoughts on “Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato Turns 1

  1. Happy Birthday to Chunkeemonkeeato! Congratulations on turning 1! 🙂 I find it amazing how bloggers are able to update their blogs and keep them interesting. I don’t think I could, but then again I was never much of a writer.

    I visit your blog frequently, and love the variety of the different sections you have. Not many blogs talk about variety shows, which is another reason why I like to visit your blog. Furthermore, I like how the blog isn’t only about Korean entertainment since I don’t really watch non-Korean shows, but it’s nice to know what’s available.


  2. Happy anniversary! I love you blog and your thoughts! You have wonderful taste in music and in TV shows, Korean and non-Korean. I’ve followed you blog a few months after you made it, and no post has lacked anything. I love your writing style and you sense of humor. Congratulations again!


  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think I’ve told you before you are an awesome writer and I had little doubt you will make a great blogger. The proof is in the chunkeemonkeeato pudding! 🙂 From its humble beginnings to a comprehensive well rounded library! You have outdone yourself! You really added alot of great stuff and been so hardworking updating this blog I really cant admire you more. Your passion and clever insight is abundantly clear in this site. I wish I was more creative and cook up a new recipe for a chunkeemonkeeato pudding or cupcake or cocktail or song to commemorate this very proud event but alas I am just not as talented as you *white flag* lol . Here’s wishing you many more wonderful blogging years to come! Hope you have a good celebration! Kampai~


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