Mmmusings… – Take on Loen Tree

So I was curious to see why the first released track of Loen Entertainment’s summer album project rose so quickly atop the charts.  “달빛바다 (Sea of Moonlight)” is the first released track and it’s sung by IU and Fiestar who are under the Loen Entertainment label.  The other artists from the label also contribute to the album but their songs haven’t been released yet.  The other artists will include: Gain, Sunny Hill, G. Gorilla, Lee Min Soo, Ra.D and Zia.

Fiestar looks like a new girl group that will officially debut in August and the unusual spelling of their name may be due to the fact that there’s another group called Fiesta.

When I first heard the beginning of “달빛바다 (Sea of Moonlight)”, I immediately thought, ‘I know that song!’  The catchy little diddy is clearly a look back at popular 80’s electronica.

Granted the notes are different but it clearly makes you think of A-Ha’s “Take on Me”.

However, the song’s cute and fun and they’ve clearly added your traditional K-Pop elements to it with the cutesy, girly narration and the chorus that veers into your usual K-Pop melody.  Call me old-fashioned.  The lyrics of “Take on Me” sticks in my head more than this “달빛바다 (Sea of Moonlight)”.


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