Just Bananas About: Week of 7/30/12

This has got to be my new favorite K-Drama at the moment. I was confused by the fact that they were only going to air 8 episodes and that it was called a sitcom but it seems that they will be airing 2 short format episodes back to back on Tuesday nights.  Each episode should run about 30 to 40 minutes in length and so far I think it’s working for the plot.  The first two episodes were tightly written and edited so that it connected several unrelated character stories within each episode.

As for the subject matter, it’s a little hard to tell if many foreigners will relate to it.  It’s even hard to tell if Korean teenagers will relate to it as well as you had to into K-pop music at that time to understand the little nuances behind the fandom of H.O.T. and Sechs Kies.  This is the soundtrack to my youth.  Sort of.  Can’t say I was a crazed fan of H.O.T or Sechs Kies.  R.ef, Solid, Roo’ra were more my thing.  However, coming of age and fan love is a universal story.  We’ve all been here before.

H.O.T – 행복 (Happiness)*

H.O.T – 행복

Sechs Kies – 품생품사 (Live and Let Die)*

*FYI, these tracks are off of a compilation remix CD so the tracks were continuous.

The drama is so in tune with my high school years.  I’ve seen girls try to get out of gym class using their period as an excuse to make male gym teachers uncomfortable.  Do kids still do this today?

I loved my first beeper (aka bbi ppi).  However, it’s not like sending a text these days.  You had to think about how the numbers would form letters or how they would sound in order to send messages.  Plus, if you were out you’d have to use a payphone.  Eww, I can’t imagine using a dirty payphone today.  Kids these days have no appreciation for how easy they have it.  Ha.

I remember watching Star in my Heart with my mom and singing the song “Forever”.  However, I admit that my mom were more Cha In Pyo fans.  I think it was Ahn Jae Wook’s hair that turned me off.  Of course, it didn’t stop the boys from replicating the look.

Damn, Choi Jin Shil had it so good having the affection of both men.  (RIP).  If you’re curious as to what made Ahn Jae Wook a household name, here’s a peek.

Ahn Jae Wook – Forever

안재욱 – Forever

The thing where Shi Won’s mom (Lee Il Hwa) makes a whole bunch of kimchi pajun?  Yeah, that’s my mom.  She cooks so much at once that we’d end up eating the same dish for two weeks.  I think she worried my sister and I would starve while she was at work.

And I completely had the same reaction as Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) when he was first introduced to Yang Pa.  What is up with naming yourself “Onion”?

Also for someone who is brand new to the acting world, I think A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji is doing an excellent job as Shi Won.  I’m not talking about her Gyeongsangdo accent.  That’s easy for her since she’s from that area.  She was only 4 years old when H.O.T. was at their… hottest.  Heh.  Not only does she play that uber fan so well, but she portrays the growing pains of adolescence convincingly.

Plus, she is so in sync with her father (Sung Dong Il) that I love to see the two go at each other.  What’s the point of Shi Won worrying about grades when her life aspiration is to become Tony’s wife?

In addition, I absolutely adore the little girl who plays the younger Shi Won.  The younger and older actresses really understand Shi Won the character.

Though Seo In Guk’s public confession was rejected by Eun Ji, I’m eager to see what happens between their characters.  Being friends at a young age, it’s understandable why Shi Won is reluctant to go over that line with Yoon Jae.  Once you go over that line, it’s hard to go back if things don’t work out.

And I care enough about all the other characters in order to find out what happens to them even though we haven’t seen Eun Ji Won’s character, Hak Chan, yet.  I know enough from the previews to know that he’s going to provide some serious laughs.


5 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 7/30/12

  1. Do you know where watch it raw?

    Thanks for talking about this drama 🙂 so far everyone seems to be enjoying it 🙂

    TvN dramas are just good, no?


  2. I started this drama last night. I am not really following any dramas at the moment except for Gaksital and waiting to marathon I Live in Cheongdamdong, so I was looking for something else/new. The 0 episode was a pretty good guide to understand the drama’s setting. It definitely made me want to re-listen to old songs and check the drama out.

    The idols singers are doing a pretty good job with their characters though some are a bit awkward haha I wish I found Seo In Guk more attractive, but the writing is doing just enough to get me to feel for the characters and ignore the actors. I think Eun Ji is having a blast playing Shi Won, and her enthusiasm shows. I was a bit too young and was in America to fully understand the idol craze of the 90s, so I love that this drama is focusing on that era. Can’t wait to watch more 😀


    • Even if you were in America, if you were in LA or NYC you could follow it to a certain extent as they did some concerts here, as rare as they were. They were certain places the idols would visit after the concert and I think I remember even seen some girls running after their tour buses. And I think the stars were more appreciative back then because the number of fans weren’t as many and the fact that we were following them from halfway around the world took some dedication on our part. Thank god for the internet and faster connections. If the world had to go back to dial-up, I would not have the patience to follow these idols. What I love about this drama is that I also watch it with my mom. I think it speaks to both generations. I can laugh at how I used to act like as a teenager and relate to the growing pains both the parents and the teens have to go through.

      I’m with you there on Seo In Guk. Not attractive but he became a star through talent, not looks. I do love that quiet moment when he’s asking Shi Won if he should reject Yoo Jung and then gives her the wish coupon. I thought it was beautifully acted. On the other hand, Hoya is cute in that younger brother kind of way. I love his character and Sung Jae, the one who talks too much.


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