Just Bananas About: Week of 8/6/12

There’s not too much TV going on as the Olympics are going on.  However, it was such a wild, up and down rollercoaster of a game played by South Korea and Great Britain on Saturday for football or soccer. It was a drama in itself.

I was pretty sure the Great Britain would win but South Korea shot out of the gate in the first half, scoring the first goal.  Great Britain followed up with a goal of their own but it was due to a penalty kick.  In actuality, South Korea’s defense was better as they didn’t let up.

However, any soccer fan knows that you just don’t want to end the match in penalty shootouts.  Why?  It’s a total crapshoot and not really about the skill of the players.  Plus, South Korea’s main goalie, Jung Sung Ryung, was out of the game due to colliding with another player.

Truthfully, I was out running errands and was monitoring the game on my phone through fuzzy streaming and just knew that the score was still 1:1 towards the end of the 2nd extra time.  I came home to find Jung Sung Ryung gone and fretted over whether Lee Beom Young could block a kick.  Blocking just one could change the tide.  And it didn’t help that Jack Butland’s blue tongue will forever be ingrained in my memory.

Then came Daniel Sturridge.  He kicked, Lee Beom Young leaped and… there was no goal!  As you could probably imagine, screaming ensued.  Ki Sung Yong then came up to the goal and scored a goal to secure the win.  Sorry Great Britain, I know you’re the host nation but it just wasn’t your day.

I feel bad for Daniel Sturridge as you will be the target of media and fans for missing that one goal.  And really, that’s how the game works.

Next, South Korea faces Brazil which has me really, really nervous.  Brazil is supposedly the shoo-in for the gold but reports state that Brazil was very lackluster during the match with Honduras.  I’ll take that little bit of hope I can and hope that South Korea’s defense stays strong for this upcoming match on Tuesday.  They’ll need it.


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