[Review] All About My Wife – 내 아내의 모든 것


Boy meets girl.  Boy falls in love with girl.  Boy marries girl.  Boy grows tired of her nagging.  Boy hires the Casanova next door to seduce girl so he’ll be granted a divorce.  In a nutshell, that’s the silly premise behind All About My Wife.

Doo Hyun (Lee Sun Kyun) is a timid man who is too afraid to ask for a divorce from his nagging wife, Jung In (Im Soo Jung).  To others, she’s the perfect wife.

Behind closed doors, the two have lost that spark and romance that thrilled them in the beginning of their relationship.  Doo Hyun asks the womanizer next door, Sung Gi (Ryu Seung Ryong), to seduce his wife in order to concoct the “perfect breakup” scenario.

Park Sung Hee [Vivid] – Embrasse-Moi (Full Ver.)  (Embrace Me (Full Ver.))

박성희 [비비드] – Embrasse-Moi (Full Ver.)

First, the movie does an excellent job in casting these three comedic actors together.  It’s refreshing to see Lee Sun Kyun playing a guy that cowers before his wife as he’s been playing a lot of alpha males lately.  Im Soo Jung continues to choose a wide variety of roles and while they’re often quirky, she never seems to get stagnant for me.

Then there’s Ryu Seung Ryong.  He’s such an excellent character actor that can go from playing something serious and dark to just freakin’ hilarious.  To just sit back and watch them play off each other really brings the story to life and it’s the best thing about the movie.  They are all hilarious to watch in their own right and yet able to bring warmth to the comedy.

We view this movie from almost entirely Doo Hyun’s point of view.  I can completely understand how tiring Jung In can be.  It’s unlike I Love You, I Love You Not which was more of a reflection on a failing marriage.  All About My Wife is more overt about the issue aided by the fact that each of these actors enhances the comedy with their overly dramatic acting.

Jung In starts off being the antagonist here but as soon as she begins to change her mind about Sung Gi, I began to view Doo Hyun as the antagonist.  He’s the one that wanted to get rid of Jung In so why should I feel sad for Doo Hyun now that he’s beginning to change his mind?  The writing does a great job in changing your mind about these characters as it veers into wacky territory of love and how it can be a rollercoaster ride with its high and lows.

Ultimately, the movie is about both Doo Hyun and Jung In’s inability to communicate with each other about the importance stuff.  Instead, they spent so much time nitpicking over the little things that it drove them apart from each other.  The movie makes me laugh at the hilarity of their situation but I also began to care about the outcome of the couple’s marriage.  Love and marriage are two distinct things that sometimes doesn’t go hand in hand.

Finally, Lee Kwang Soo has been in a lot movies over the last year.  It’s kinda of interesting as I always seem to pity Lee Kwang Soo the variety star.  However, Lee Kwang Soo the actor is on a totally different plane.  While he often plays that hapless guy and he doesn’t have a big role in this movie, I do think he’s someone to keep an eye out for especially with his upcoming roles in the drama, Nice Guy.  I expect that we’ll see his acting evolve.



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