[Review] A Gentleman’s Dignity – 신사의 품격


A Gentleman’s Dignity is about the friendships and loves of urban professional men in their 40’s.

Unknown – High High (Bossa Nova Story)

High High (Bossa Nova Story)

Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) is an architect and a playboy who crushes on Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul), a high school teacher who also moonlights as an umpire for amateur baseball leagues.

Im Tae San is an engineer who owns the architecture firm with Do Jin.  He’s straightforward and earnest but his girlfriend, Hong Se Ra (Yoon Se Ah), a diva pro-golfer, doesn’t make things easy for him.

Choi Yoon (Kim Min Jong) is a lawyer who is still grieving over his wife who died four years ago.  Tae San’s much younger sister, Im Me Ah Ri (Yoon Jin Yi), is hopelessly in love with Yoon-i even though he tries to keep her at bay.

Lee Jung Rok (Lee Jong Hyuk) marries a wealthy older woman, Park Min Sook (Kim Jung Nan), but worries about losing his comfortable lifestyle due to his philandering ways.

Writer Kim Eun Sook followed up her last trendy drama with this one.  You may have heard of it?  Secret Garden?  (Side note: She also wrote City Hall.  I WILL.  I promise that I’ll finish up that drama before the year is out.)

With supernatural dramas being popular in K-Dramaland at the moment, it was a nice change of pace to watch this drama.  It was frivolous and fun and Kim Eun Sook is excellent with that.

When it comes to more serious parts of a drama, I think she has the tendency to gloss over things and not explore them to its fullest potential.  However, I loved that in a world where rom-com tends to be dominated by idol stars, we get to see people who are a bit more settled in their life, especially when it comes to their careers.

Hands down, the reason you should watch this drama is for the bromance.  We get a little taste of the sisterhood but that doesn’t really come until the end.  As most of the rom-com viewers tend to be female, it’s nice to see and laugh about what men think about dating.  Women always scrutinize every single detail and we wonder if men go through the same agony.  In this world they do and it’s fun to watch them go though their ups and downs.

It’s been awhile since I last saw both Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong in a drama.  I fangirled them as a girl in high school and now that I’m an adult, it’s nice to see that they’ve still got it.

I’m very used to seeing Kim Su ro playing brash characters and while Tae San can be hotheaded, I really liked that he was so reliable as a boyfriend.  Unlike the other boys, he had it figured out when it came to love.

It was just about getting Se Ra to realize that admitting that she loved Tae San didn’t mean that she was giving up living her own life.

As for Jung Rok, it could have been very easy to make him the villain.  I felt bad that Min Sook felt very lonely in her marriage even though I knew it was a marriage of convenience.  He needed her money and she was attracted to his looks.  However, I think throughout the course of the drama Jung Rok learned how to grow up.

Despite having the appearance of having it all, her inability to have children and trust her husband made her feel as if she were less of a woman.  He had to show her that he would have her back when she needed it.

Every episode I mostly looked forward to the prologues.  They gave you some insight into the friendship of our F44 which always ended up being hilarious.

My favorite one is still when Soo Young from SNSD makes a cameo.  I shuddered with fear like the rest of the boys when Kim Min Jong showed his dance moves.

Like I mentioned before, Kim Eun Sook sometimes doesn’t know how to explore some of the more dramatically tense moments in the script and there are a couple of key things that bothered me about this drama.  Do Jin and his weird short-term memory loss thing.  It was a thing and then suddenly it wasn’t.  I’m not sure why she introduced that aspect of his character when it was such a non-issue at the climax of the drama.

Also, there was the issue between Yoon-i and Me Ah Ri’s relationship.  I understand why Tae San opposed them getting together.  It was a combination of the age thing with the friend thing.  But it felt like she didn’t really know where to take these characters because their story got repetitive in the middle.

It’s unlike how Do Jin and Yi Soo’s relationship progresses in the drama.  There were so many different issues that came up between them.  And once they surpassed one hurdle, it seemed logical for them to have things good for a little while and then be confronted with another problem.

Despite that, it’s a really fun drama to watch.  Perfect for those lazy days of summer.

The cast is a joy to watch.



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