Monkey Poo: And the hits keep on coming…

First, it was reported that T-ara’s Eun Jung and Jang Woo would be ending their run on We Got Married.  They swore that it wasn’t due to the whole T-ara scandal but due to their busy schedules.

Then I heard about someone posting on the internet about an encounter they had with their elementary school student.  She reprimanded her niece for playing a game called the “T-ara Bully Game” where they pick one of their friends and bombard them with insults and harassment.  Since it was posted on an online community, I would take this bit of news with a grain of salt.

Now Eun Jung has dropped out of the drama for Five Fingers.  I knew something had to be up when the promo for the drama didn’t feature her.

Eunjung appeared for the drama’s press conference looking very subdued and apologetic.  The drama staff is saying that Eun Jung voluntarily dropped out while an insider is reporting that the drama staff pulled her out because of all the bad press that T-ara has been receiving lately.

UPDATE: It seems that Eun Jung didn’t voluntarily drop out but that SBS suggested it.  Looks like they got some lawyers to carefully word the official statement as an SBS rep is saying that there was a discussion about Eun Jung leaving the drama and they now know a decision has been made about her leaving the project.

Gaksital’s Jin Se Yeon is now being sought after to take over the role.  I don’t watch the drama but it started airing this past weekend and I believe the story starts off with the characters in their youth.  Despite that the staff still has to scramble to replace Eun Jung and Jin Se Yeon is still in the midst of shooting Gaksital.  That’s the nature of production but I feel bad for the staff.

The truth is no one will ever know what happened within the group except the girls.  I have my personal opinions about T-ara which were formed way before this scandal ever happened and you could probably tell from my tone that I wasn’t really a fan of T-ara.  However, this scandal isn’t going to make me stop watching them until I hear it from their own mouths.  Honestly, it seems to me that you just can’t trust anything coming out of Core Contents Media’s CEO Kim Kwang Soo’s mouth as he’s often changed his story so many times.  In fact, I think he’s done more to hurt T-ara publicly rather than to help them.  I don’t know what he’s like behind the scenes.

This is completely my opinion but whether or not the bully rumors are true there are kids out there who seems to have named a game after your group.  If it were me, I would not spend that time hiding out but instead volunteer it at youth counseling centers.  But in the typical fashion of the way this industry works and how Korean netizens can be, I know that this group will wait out the storm by laying low.


In other news, Alex is no longer a part of the cast of jTBC’s family drama, Fortune Favors the Childless, due to his DUI incident back in July.  His role will be taken over by Jung Joon from Tasty Life.


2 thoughts on “Monkey Poo: And the hits keep on coming…

  1. I find funny how the parents and teacher/school always blame the tv and idols for what their kids did. As if T-ara was really the reason for bully starts in the school/between kids lol

    this is their parents who don’t teach their kids well trying to find a excuse for it, IMO.

    Instead of hating on T-ara or worrying over one of them acting, why not do programs agaisnt bullying, making people learn more? Instead of blaming the idols.

    I think it so stupid to be honest.


    • While I agree that parents like to blame the media a lot, it doesn’t mean the parents aren’t disciplining their children. Sometimes you just don’t know what kids are doing behind the parents’ back. I know that I didn’t always listen to mine. From the account of this aunt, she was disciplining her niece and it does take time and energy to get it thru to them.


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