Just Bananas About: Week of 8/27/12

So Gong Hyo Jin was this week’s guest on Running Man.  The theme for this week’s show was a romantic comedy and what are the odds that Lee Kwang Soo was picked as her male lead.

Yoo Jae Suk had made a dig at Lee Kwang Soo that although he was picked as the second lead for his buddy Song Joong Ki’s drama, No Such Thing as Nice Guys (세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자), he doesn’t seem to have many lines yet.  Gong Hyo Jin is asked what she likes about her new counterpart.  She looks Lee Kwang Soo up and down and says she likes that he’s tall.  Hee.

When the members aregiven their team shirts, Kwang Soo is the only member that has a ginormous name tag.  But upon closer inspection, he realizes that he has several name tags underneath giving him 7 lives.

The producers and writers really wanted him to live to the end so that he could get his chance to shine.  And boy, did he shine.

One such instance is when Hyo Jin is hooked up to a heart monitor and all the members have to try to get her heart rate to go up higher than the other members.  Lee Kwang Soo decides to show off his abs… only he kinda has a concave chest.  Lol.  He’s drawn some abs on with a pen.

And without realizing what his coordinator had picked for him today, his t-shirt underneath the team shirt was of a cartoon chicken.  Hehe, how appropriate.

So he decides to put his team shirt back on but because of the ginormous name tag which is stuck on the shirt by velcro, his hair gets stuck on one side of it.  Haha and Yoo Jae Suk eventually help him but not before cracking up.  The rest of the Running Man members are floored.

Finally, the last challenge is the name tag game except there are some special rules.  The members cannot remove Hyo Jin’s name tag unless they have removed all 7 of Kwang Soo’s.  The members must also find hints which are memorable lines from your favorite dramas.  In order to use it, they need to recite it along with an action in order to take off one of Kwang Soo’s name tags.

But Hyo Jin doesn’t take the game lying down.  She’s in full attack mode which frightens the other members.

Kim Jong Kook finds a boxing glove in a box and he must recite a line from the sageuk, Joseon Female Detective, Damo.  While punching, he must say, “Does it hurt?  I hurt, too.”  However when he sees Kwang Soo, he keeps messing the line up in order to tease him by continuing to punch him.  He doesn’t expect Kwang Soo to retaliate and Kwang Soo’s able to use his long arms to reach around and remove Jong Kook’s name tag.

For all these reasons, today’s episode totally belongs to Kwang Soo.


2 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 8/27/12

  1. I loved this episode. It was very entertaining. Kwangsoo gets to shine (and not play his usual/current traitor character) and the cast didn’t need to pay special attention to the guest – Gong Hyojin carried herself well. The cast comparing her to Choi Minsoo – not on par with him but comes close.


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