Just Bananas About: Week of 9/10/12

Some new couples have surfaced on We Got Married since last week and I think my new favorite has got to be Kwang Hee and Sun Hwa.

Because of Kwang Hee’s over-the-top personality on variety shows and his talkative nature, I assumed he would be a lot like Jo Kwon.  But as ridiculous and entertaining as he can be, I was surprised to discover that Kwang Hee could be quite resolute and manly.  Who would of thunk it?  Certainly I didn’t after seeing him with 10cm insoles.  I mean, they’re not even platforms!

On the other hand, Sun Hwa gushes over a guest list of high profile names of who her husband could be.  It seems she knows Kwang Hee very well and because of all the press, she became aware of who her husband-to-be was before their first filming.

Until another face pops up at the meeting.  Im Shi Wan!  At first, she was in shock, then in disbelief but Shi Wan used his acting skills to sell that he was cast as her husband and she grew excited.

To Kwang Hee’s dismay. Truthfully, he sent Shi Wan out in order to play a trick on Sun Hwa.  He wanted to know how she really felt about being him being her husband.

Upset at being tricked, the two couldn’t stop bickering all throughout their date.

It’s hilarious to watch these two go at each other.  Especially since they know each other so well.  Though, I think Sun Hwa won this round as Kwang Hee had a hard time selling his argument.

Kwang Hee took his wife on a shopping date because she was about to head out to Japan for work.  He wanted to make an airport fashion scene à la The Beckhams.  As if the thought of that wasn’t funny enough, Sun Hwa decided to get some payback towards Kwang Hee.  She picked quite a few hideous outfits for him to wear.  One of which was a woman’s lacy top.  Omg, there are no words of how awful that outfit looked.

Finally after the public humiliation, he settled on a simple white button down and black skinny pants; it suited him well.  Adding sunglasses and large coffee beverages the two head out to the airport to have the paparazzi (aka Kwang Hee’s manager) take pictures of him.  These two are ridonculous.  Mostly Kwang Hee but I can’t wait to see what unfolds between the two of them next week.

The other new couple on the show are Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah.  This was another couple that reminded me of a past couple: Marco and Son Dam Bi.  I hoped the language barrier wouldn’t be made into a thing but I think despite that the two are pretty entertaining to watch so far.  Every time Julien flexes his muscles, the female commentators can’t help ooh and aah.  Of course, Yoon Se Ah always has something witty to say.  They are the first couple to move into the We Got Married Village which is a group of houses built for the show.  I find it hilarious that Se Ah and Julien’s house appeared in A Gentleman’s Dignity and their entrance was where she had made out with Kim Su ro in the drama.

Unfortunately, I was a little sad to see Lee Teuk and Kang Sora go.  I know that some people may have felt that these two were boring but I enjoyed watching them.  Perhaps it’s because I enjoy them separately but I felt like they were just beginning to get over their awkward phase.  I thought they were really sweet to each other despite the awkwardness.  I’m sorry to say that I didn’t quite feel the same way about Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eun Jung.  Especially since one of their last episodes was about them trying to steal Teukkie and Sora’s apartment from underneath them.  Oh well, c’est la vie.  Can’t wait to see the next couple.


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