Mmmusings… – Psy makes me sigh…

…and then shake my head.  This isn’t a negative post or at least that’s not my intent.  I just find this whole Psy-nomenom mildly amusing.  It’s surprising that he was able to break out of the Korean market but I’m proud of his achievements.

While Korea is conservative, his lyrics or his video isn’t overly outrageous or hands down funny.  Certainly not by American standards.  & years ago, Weezer had a song called ”Beverly Hills” that references the class differences in affluent neighborhoods like Beverly Hills.  Plus, the video was about the band playing their song and having a rager at the Playboy Mansion.  Along with the fact that most Americans don’t understand it anyways, it’s not the lyrics that’s breaking barriers.

Personally, I find the lyrics to “77학개론 (Feat. 리쌍, 김진표) (An Introduction to ’77 (Feat. Leessang, Kim Jin Pyo))” way more meaningful.  But perhaps it was the outrageous hilarity of the video that brought inquiring minds to the video.  Well, that’s not new either.  He’s been doing that for years.  For example, try not to crack a smile when he starts dancing on top of cars in the “Right Now” video and exposes his chest only to find that he’s got fake abs on.

While I viewed him more as a comedian who sings and raps, his appearance on several variety shows make him seem shy.

Although, it’s worth watching until the end of this clip below because he’s so unintentionally hilarious.

Perhaps it’s the outrageous horse dance that won people over.  Really, is it just that simple?

Which then brings me to the next question.  What can we expect from him in the future?  He signed on with Island Records (the company also manages megastars like Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez) here in States to manage him worldwide with the exception of Korea.  That right exclusively remains with YG Entertainment.  But is he going to release an album in English and will the songs be it’s usual high energy, quirky and cheesy Psy-esque songs?  I’m not sure how that will be marketed.  I’d prefer if he wasn’t just a one-hit wonder but all this just has me amused and scratching my head at the same time.

On a totally random note, it seems they brought Psy and Lee Seung Gi together to do a CF for a Samsung refrigerator.  Check out his little dance.  So this is what Seung Gi’s been up to since the end of The King 2 Hearts?


One thought on “Mmmusings… – Psy makes me sigh…

  1. At first I found PSY’s “Gangnam Style” going viral surprising myself. I didn’t really get why it was this video in particular, considering his done similar videos before (like you said “Right Now” is one of those), that suddenly got this international attention. But I guess you never know why with viral videos.
    But I have to admit, it is kinda cool that foreign people who know nothing about K-pop or Korean pop-culture find “Gangnam Style” so awesome. And the song really is catchy. Anyways, gongrats to PSY and hope that he’ll continue doing this his kind of music.


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