Mmmusings… – If Sung Shi Won loved H.O.T., I loved…


And what do they do with my love?  They obviously don’t live a quiet middle-aged life.  Even after the travesty of Comeback Show Top 10, I forgave them.  So what if they wanted a little spotlight?  It was a nice where are they now.  The singing was another thing.  Lee Sung Wook had a nice life with a wife and kids and his own BBQ restaurant.  Sung Dae Hyun still seemed to be in the entertainment world.  And Park Chul Woo had his own bar and thankfully besides making an appearance, he declined to get back together.  I don’t blame him.  He was pretty old when he was originally in the group to begin with.

Well it seems that Lee Sung Wook and Sung Dae Hyun are back with a digital single.  What the what?  Why??  I love them but can’t we just leave a good thing in the past?  I’m even more surprised that Eun Ji Won decided to feature on the track called “사랑을 모르나봐 (You Must Not Know What Love Is)”.  I guess Eun Ji Won wanted to help out his sunbaenims.  I’m surprised even after all these years I can still pick out the different voices as I thought I would have forgotten how it sounded.

R.ef – 사랑을 모르나봐 (Feat. 은지원) (You Must Not Know What Love Is (Feat. Eun Ji Won))

R.ef – 사랑을 모르나봐 (Feat. 은지원)

I much prefer “사랑공식 (The Love Formula)”.  It sooo reminds me of “이별공식 (Formal Farewell)” which was R.ef’s debut song back in ’95.  It’s still my favorite song of theirs.  This is the opposite of that song and the poppy, electronic vibe they debuted with is still present.


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