Just Bananas About: Week of 10/8/12

The American TV season is in full swing now but I’m still a little behind on all my TV.  However, I’ve been able to keep up with The Good Wife.  This season Lockhart and Gardner is bankrupt and dealing with the fallout of that.  Alicia seems to be handling her job a bit better and whatever stage her marriage is in including the campaign trail.

But what I looked forward to the most was the continuation from the thrilling season finale where we left Kalinda alone in her dark apartment, ready to face that foreboding figure.

Marc Warren was cast as Kalinda’s ex-husband, Nick Savarese.  If you aren’t familiar with the name, I highly suggest that you watch a couple of seasons of Hustle.  His character was sometimes wily but always on the squirly side.   But to my surprise, there were many times I rooted for Danny Blue.

I thought it was a very, very interesting choice to cast Marc Warren here.  However, I’m still not sure how I feel about Nick as he certainly didn’t turn out to be the character I was expecting him to be.  The great thing is that I am still very much invested in Kalinda’s story.  I made Nick out to be this bad guy.  He still skeeves me out but I can’t quite put my finger on what makes him evil.  Note: I didn’t say bad.  I know he’s a bad guy but the show built him up to be this evil character in our imaginations.

It’s obvious that Kalinda is still attracted to him and he can still unnerve the usually calm Kalinda.  But other than enlisting the law services of Lockhart and Gardner under Kalinda’s nose, he hasn’t really done anything outrageous.  If he’s really evil, he might just be biding his time but it’s not like Kalinda’s perfect either.  Since the show has built him up to mythological proportions, I’m unsure what role he’s going to play this season but I liked that he wasn’t what I expected.

Finally, the brief appearance of Kristin Chenoweth has me missing her desperately.  I hope she recovers soon from her on-set accident because she’s so great at what she does.  Plus, this drama has been excellent about writing in these guest stars making each one shine in their own right.  I hope she’ll return to The Good Wife someday soon.  The other notable guest star to watch is Nathan Lane.  He plays Clarke Hayden, a trustee appointed by the court in order to help Lockhart and Gardner get back into financial shape.  What’s interesting is that he’s far from the flamboyant Lane we’re used to seeing as Hayden is a subdued but astute observer of the on-goings at the firm.  Of course, they are just two of the many, many names we’ll be seeing this season on The Good Wife but I look forward to seeing all the guests stars.

Well maybe not Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose).  I love to hate her character but mostly I hate her.  Wendy Scott Carr, not Anika Noni Rose.


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