Just Bananas About: Week of 10/15/12

I have been trying to play catch up ever since I got back and it hasn’t been easy.  That’s because we’re in the midst of all these new US TV premieres.  I thought I almost got there yesterday but then realized I was still two weeks behind on Dexter and The Good Wife.  One show I did catch up on this weekend was The Vampire Diaries.  After a twist of a season finale, I was so glad to have it back.  It’s obvious that I don’t have to say there are spoilers ahead, right?

So when we left off last season, Elena had died with vampire blood in her system after asking Stefan to save Matt first before herself.  Now she was in the midst of transitioning.  This season premiere was an emotional rollercoaster ride.  I avoided reading news or spoilers, partly because I simply didn’t have the time and partly because I didn’t want to know too much.  So I was able to approach the season with fresh eyes.

The writers toyed with the will she/won’t she end up becoming a vampire this episode.  Since TVD is so good at finding that loophole that often bends (or TOTALLY manipulates, take your pick) the rule, I believed that it could have gone either way for Elena.  But I would have been deadest against reversing Elena’s transition.  She needed a change and now she’s no longer the helpless human doppelganger.

Because it was tasked upon Bonnie to help Elena find a reversal, I spent most of this episode annoyed at Bonnie.  First, I didn’t want Bonnie to complete the task and I was happy when she failed.

Second, I’m tired of Bonnie and this whole dark magic thing.  She’s been going back and forth between that so-called line but the consequences don’t seem that damaging.  Bonnie needs some rebranding.

Third, the writers really need to figure out what to do with her character.  She went from happy-go-lucky cheerleader in the 1st season to dark witch in the 2nd season.  Now it’s the 4th season and Bonnie still seems angry to me.  Plus her attempts at friending other witch friends have failed.  So there are absolutely no witches out there that she can associate with that doesn’t hate vampire or is a minion of Klaus?  The only other witches she associates with seem to be of the spirit variety.

Then again, I suppose Tyler doesn’t really have other friendly werewolf friends living in Mystic Falls either.  But at least his werewolf friends are out there and still alive, even if they are off-screen.  Since Klaus had inhabited Tyler’s body, he took advantage by… well, trying to bone Caroline.  Though to be fair, she jumps him first.  That is until his usage of “love” clued her in.

Oops, but I was glad to have Klaus return to his own body by the end.  Klaus just isn’t Klaus without that British accent.  Yum.

As for Rebekah, kudos to her.  She really loves Klaus as a brother and he just uses her.  Klaus is hot but there’s no denying he’s an asshole.  She’s had enough and she’s not taking it anymore.  So goodbye doppelganger blood source.  I loved that scene between the two because Klaus really needs to learn what loyalty is.  He expects loyalty from people but never gives it back in return.

Alaric outed Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes to the Council that they had supernatural children, the hunt was on for their children, Caroline and Tyler.  I guess the new bad this season is Pastor Young.  Though he burned himself alive, I just don’t quite think we’ll be seeing the last of him yet.

Now that Elena is kinda undead, she remembers all the instances when Damon compelled her.  So she remembers the whole love confession now.  So there’s that despite Damon’s snippiness.

Finally at the last possible moment, Elena gets her taste of human blood and completes the transition.

However, I’m not sure what that means for her future and the future of the group. Also, what happens when/if Katherine returns to Mystic Falls?


One thought on “Just Bananas About: Week of 10/15/12

  1. Oh I haven’t been watching this series for a while now. I guess the freshness of it wore off and now I can’t seem to get interested. I did love Damon and I really miss his snarky attitude, but the romantic triangle between him, Stefan and Elena is kinda ruining Damon’s character a bit.


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