Monkey Poo: What the hell TVN?

You had a winning formula for The Romantic.  And I had been diligently checking various news outlets eagerly waiting the return of it.

I get that most of the production staff for the show is now on 3 Idiots with Lee Su Geun, Kim Jong Min and Eun Ji Won.  (The first impressions review will be out shortly but I just want to give it one more episode.)  But making it a dating reality show with idol stars.  Let’s see… where have I seen that before.  Oh yeah, We Got Married.  Which I think is having a successful run this season with all 3 couples being very entertaining.

The show brought together 8 idol stars which includes: 2PM’s Junsu, MBLAQ’s Mir, ZE:A’s Hyung Sik, JJ Project’s JB, 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun, Rainbow’s Seung Ah, Fiestar’s Jae and AOA’s Hyejeong.  The cast has already filmed together on Jeju Island and the show’s title is now The Romantic & Idol premiering on November 11th.  I think I might just pass on this.  Wake me when The Romantic returns, sans the ampersand Idol.


2 thoughts on “Monkey Poo: What the hell TVN?

  1. Wow… why? Why change the awesomeoness of The Romantic to make it just another WGM? I was so sad to learn that The Romantic was only two seasons. I was hoping for more, but now… I’m not sure. The Romantic felt like a real-life romance drama. Having idols on the show will just make it feel scripted and unreal. I’m so sad 😦


  2. After months of anticipation for a new season … Argghh … what a total bummer! It’s sad how they even got rid of the original program website. Drats! It was fun browsing those discussion boards from time to time to check for new postings and review interesting old postings.

    So they threw a launching party for The Romantic and Idol a couple of days ago and there’s been quite a bit of visible promotion? Seems like tvN is giving it the high priority treatment.

    The Romantic was appealing and refreshing precisely because it featured ordinary folks. Real people. Young singletons. Genuine feelings. Actual situations. Viewers were able to feel relatability in various degrees to what the participants experienced on the program. There’s no doubt that the participants were screened and chosen according to specific criteria set by the production. No complaints about wanting an attractive/good-looking/photogenic cast since it is television after all. But still, the program didn’t project obvious vibes of being artificial and manufactured.

    Couldn’t they have chosen a more creative/exciting location than domestic Jeju-do? Jeju-do is nice and all but it sure ain’t Croatia or Turkey. Going to Jeju-do is like playing in your backyard. Why not venture out a bit more into the neighborhood? Okinawa, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai, etc. are all in the neighborhood (less than three hours flight away from Seoul.). I wonder … did the production have to deal with funding issues, time constraints, idols’ scheduling conflicts? Hence the safe choice of Jeju-do? Even Jjak has managed three overseas trips this year. (Kyushu, Malaysia, Maldives). C’mon now tvN, there’s no way that that conventional, no frills, docu-style program known as Jjak should beat you in terms of excitement and novelty.


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