First Impressions – 세 얼간이: 1회 – 3회 – Three Idiots: Ep. 1 – 3


Brought to us by Lee Myung Han PD, Yoo Hak Chan PD and Writer Lee Woo Jung (1 Night 2 Days, The Romantic, Answer Me 1997), they bring Lee Su Geun, Eun Ji Won and Kim Jong Min back together from the first season of 1 Night 2 Days.  Touted as a 100% real-time variety program, the show is done absolutely live with these three guys with no script.  As for what it’s about?  I’m still trying to figure that out.  It’s partly a talk show if they invite guests on, it’s partly a variety show where they play games like they did on 1 Night 2 Days, it’s partly them acting silly in a live format setting.

First, this show is very disorganized.  Similar to Infinity Challenge where they bicker and talk over each other, the same chaos ensues here.  However, Infinity Challenge isn’t live and this show is so I get why chaos does ensue.  Regardless, you have to understand that even live show normally practice their cues beforehand.  Or they should.  If they want to talk to some via webcam from a different location, the staff should call up that person ahead of time and have them ready standby.  Plus, the news goes through their rundown every night before the broadcast.  So these are some minor things that I’d like to see the show work out.

I guess in Korea they don’t have a 7-second delay to allow for profanities so they opted to show Three Idiot puppies, named after each of the hosts. I got dibs on Ji Won-ee (the brown and white one).

Sometimes the puppies are shown if Jong Min can’t get his words out or if they’re unable to get the next guest on.  The logical side of my brain is saying what’s the point of showing the puppies if they make an audible error.  But then I see the puppies and suddenly I don’t care so much.  Seriously, I’ve watched a live feed of puppies for hours on end.  (You know the one I’m talking about.  If you don’t: Shiba Inu Live Stream)

I kinda feel like the dog Dug from the movie Up because every time they’re on screen, I get distracted and I’m like, ‘Oooh puppies!’

So I thought I’d randomly interrupt this review to go… puppies!

I think the biggest draw for Korean audiences is that they can participate in the program with real-time feedback by text and the chance to win food and prizes.  For someone watching this show overseas, we don’t have that luxury.  So is the show still entertaining without all of that?

The fact that these three have already done a variety show together for 5 years and that they’re friends off-camera makes their camaraderie seem natural even in this live setting.  I couldn’t help cracking up randomly at all of their ridonculousness.  Kim Jong Min may not be able to speak understandably even if his life depended on it but he sure does make me laugh.  At the same time, Lee Su Geun leads the group while Eun Ji Won is still his old choding self.


For right now, I guess they’ve been calling in all their favors as the guests on the show have been concentrated around who the staff people and the hosts know.  Lee Su Geun’s buddy, football player Koo Ja Cheol, guested via webcam.  As captain, he lead the South Korean team to a bronze medal win in the 2012 London Olympics and earned a military service exemption.  He came on to show a bit of his football skills, his abs as well as a peek at his life in Germany.

Hold on, did I say abs?

And… sleeping puppies!

Seo In Guk and Lee Shi Un who played Yoon Yoon Jae and Bang Sung Jae respectively on Answer Me 1997 recently came to play a guess that 90’s pop song game with the other boys.  Though, Lee Shi Un was born in 1982, Seo In Guk was only about 5 years old when the 90’s started.  Despite not knowing the answers, Lee Shi Un helped a lot to lead the Answer Me Team to victory.

This episode was probably the funniest for me even though Eun Ji Won couldn’t make it in time for the broadcast and Anchorman Jeon Hyun Moo had to step in.

Bang Sung Jae cleans puppy poo and hands it to Yoon Jae!

Even though the show seriously lacks direction, it does manage to make me crack up.  A lot.  While these three are funny on their own, I would like to see more guests in the future.  I’m not sure how that will all be integrated in the show but for now I’m not complaining.

Because hey look, ah-dor-wable puppies (Yoon Jae puppy and Sung Jae puppy are an added bonus)!!



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