Mmmusings… – Psycho Hitchcock vs. The Birds Hitchcock

With two Hitchcock movies, which one to watch?  I know I’m probably going to watch both.  Alfred Hitchcock is one of those directors I greatly admire, as taboo as it may be, because we owe him so much.  Not because of his success with horror/thriller films, on the contrary.  If you ever watch his films closely, you realize that he had a great understanding of many genres of film including romance and comedy.  Also we have to attribute how we view movies today to him.  Back in the day, theaters would play one movie over and over again throughout the day but patrons could basically enter at any time.  So you end up watching the 2nd half of a film and stick around to watch what happened in the beginning.  With the release of Psycho, Hitchcock made it mandatory that patrons would show up on time to watch it.  He also told them not to give away the ending which critics often did in their reviews.  So you could essentially give him credit for “spoiler alert”.

Despite Psycho being panned by a lot of critics, audience flocked to theaters to watch it deeming real success lies in the box office numbers and not excellent reviews.  A Fox Searchlight movie, Hitchcock, takes a look at the director during the making of Psycho.

Anthony Hopkins plays the titular role and upon viewing the trailer I love that he’s got that wry humor down that Hitchcock was known for.  They also show how he would collaborate with his wife, Alma (Helen Mirren), on his films.

This past weekend, HBO’s The Girl took a darker turn.  Toby Jones (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games) seems to look the part more than Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock.  At least, visually.  This film follows Hitchcock as he is filming The Birds and how he obsesses over his leading lady, Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller).

Historically, Hitchcock has been known to have an obsession with many of his blonde haired leading ladies and was extremely tough on them while filming.  To name a few, Janet Leigh, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Joan Fontaine, Vera Miles, Eva Marie Saint and Ingrid Bergman (though technically a brunette, Bergman’s hair was a light brown).

Why does Toby Jones always play historical characters when another movie with the same historical character is in the works?  He had previously played Truman Capote in Infamous around the same time Philip Seymour Hoffman played him in Capote.  I guess it must be some weird timing that Toby Jones has.  Anyways, I’m looking forward to watching both.  HBO’s The Girl is sitting in my DVR box but I’m 3 weeks behind my American TV.  I’m hoping this weekend would be a good weekend to catch up.


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