Just Bananas About: Week of 10/29/12

I hope everyone is staying safe on the US East Coast as we deal with this hurricane.  Sorry that the rain is going to ruin Halloween for the kids this week.  I guess I’ll just take this day to hunker down at home and catch up on some TV, hopefully.  I have been saying recently how there are so many new song releases that I’ve been grooving to lately and unfortunately I’m not able to cover all of them in my playlist post.

Ailee came out with “Heaven” back while she was doing Dream High 2 and just riding high with that single track.  Finally she’s out with her album and so far I like the sound of it.  Here’s a track to weather today’s storm.  It’s “My Love (feat. Swings)”.  I like that her voice has weight and it seems work well with rappers with deeper voices like Swings and Simon D.

Ailee – My Love (feat. 스윙스) (My Love (feat. Swings))

에일리 – My Love (feat. 스윙스)

If a more upbeat track is your style, then I’ve got B.A.P’s “하지마 (Stop It)”.  I don’t love how the track starts.  I just think it sounds inconsistent but the rest of the track makes me feel like this song doesn’t belong in present day.  It’s like a 90’s K-Pop song with elements of Clon coming to my mind as I’m hearing this song.  Okay, I know that this isn’t the sound we’re used to hearing from B.A.P but I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of their tough rock/rap edge which made me like them in the first place.  I could deal with the disgustingly cute songs for a track or two as long as they return to the sound that made them a really unique K-Pop boy band.

The song is about the guys telling the girl he likes to not get mad and to just calmly explain things because he loves her and doesn’t know what he did wrong.  Hee hee.  These ‘lil punks are adorbs.  FYI, the music video doesn’t exactly follow the song’s lyrics.

B.A.P – 하지마 (Stop it)


One thought on “Just Bananas About: Week of 10/29/12

  1. Ailee kinda reminds me of Leona Lewis. Her musical style is similar and her voice does have more weight than female K-pop singers usually have. I expect big things from her.
    B.A.P. really disappointed me with this song. Well, with the video actually. The song is okay, but not really what I want to hear from them. And the video is kind of embarrassing to watch, I don’t really like the mandatory cutie boy image that boy groups have to go through, it screams fanservice. Hopefully B.A.P. will be back to more powerful stuff with their next song. I really hope so.


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