Just Bananas About: Week of 11/5/12

Okay, yeah.  I originally planned on saving Byul for this week’s playlist post but now I changed my mind for Primary.  So I thought I’d just write about her new single here.  Because well… “귀엽다 (Cute)” is just so darn cute.

Byul has been making her rounds in the entertainment news arena recently for her upcoming nuptials to Haha.  Though they have already registered with the state and is considered to be married already, their ceremony won’t happen until later this month.  I have to admit that upon hearing the news of their engagement, this was one celebrity I wasn’t jealous of.  They really are cute together.

Even in their wedding photos, I love that they opted to do something more suited to their personalities rather than your typical romantic photoshoot.  Will the real Haha please stand up?  Oh wait, they’re all standing.  Ha, I love that despite being hidden by the mask you can tell which one is Yoo Jae Suk just by his hair and stature.  I could pretty much guesstimate who the other members are but I’m still not as 100% sure as I am about Yoo Jae Suk.

So I was surprised when Byul came out with her single and it wasn’t Haha who was featuring on it.  Instead it was 10cm’s Kwon Jeong Yeol.  Hey, I’m not really complaining but ya know, when you got a great thing I have no problem with celebrities milking it. Then I heard the song.  Kwon Jeong Yeol’s voice is so much more suited for this track than Haha’s rough reggae voice.  It needed a more smoother touch.

Haha did eventually make his way into the music video though.  It’s super sweet as it takes you to the moment when they registered as a couple with the state and his surprise proposal as well as a look inside their wedding preparations.

별 – 귀여워 (With 권정열 of 10cm)


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