Just Bananas About: Week of 11/12/12

They came. We saw.  We screamed.  They wowed.  Fantastic Baby.

I’ll just let the fancams/pictures speak for themselves.  This is from the Thursday concert here in New Jersey/New York area.  And as usual, it’s pretty known that sometimes I just get in the mood and have to dance along. So please excuse the shakiness and sometimes the lighting made it hard to focus.  Enjoy!

Big Bang – Tonight

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

Big Bang – Stupid Liar (Oh gawd, I’m sorry for my singing.  Hehe…)

G-Dragon – One of a Kind/크레용 (Crayon)

GD & TOP – 뻑이가요 (Knock Out)

GD & TOP – High High

Seung Ri – 어쩌라고 (What Should I Do?)

Big Bang – ガラガラ Go!! (Gara Gara Go!!)

Big Bang – Cafe

Big Bang – Bad Boy

Big Bang – Blue

Big Bang – Love Song

Tae Yang – 나만 바라봐 (Just Look at Me)/ Wedding Dress

Big Bang – 거짓말 (Lie)

Big Bang – 마지막 인사 (Last Goodbye)

Big Bang – 천국 (Heaven)

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby Reprise

The concert was super fun but I do have to express a little disappointment that the set list wasn’t that long.  I would have liked to hear T.O.P do “Turn It Up” in a live setting.  The sound at this concert wasn’t great as their mic often peaked too often.  Also, I love my Samsung Galaxy S3 but the Samsung promotion was ridonculous.  Despite that, I had a lot of fun in the Samsung photo booth outside the arena and rocked the free flashing bracelet.  Yeaah, get your cray-on!


7 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 11/12/12

    • Oooy, I don’t want to get into the politics of this. But the concert promoters can only go by the official ticket sales from the official site which is Ticketmaster. So on Ticketmaster, Friday was sold out pretty quickly. I don’t believe Thursday was completely sold out but it was probably somewhere pretty close to being sold out. However I bought my tickets from one of those reseller sites at a discount. I was planning on going back on Friday if I could get cheap tickets and was monitoring the tickets up until the last moment and noticed there was an entire row that still wasn’t sold. However, it was kinda still pricey up until the end. I don’t know what that guy did as he had 15 tickets. This was the same with the 2NE1 concert too. Although by the end a majority of those resell tickets probably sold out because it was only one day whereas they added another day for Big Bang. Had it been just one day, I’m sure those tickets would have completely sold out.


  1. I am so jealous of you~ I was going to go, but none of my friends could make it 😦 I will probably regret this decision forever unless they come back for another round lol I have seen GD&TOP in Korea live, but I had been looking forward to watching their newest mini-album performed live and to see how much they have improved. TOP’s voice always sounds extra sexy live. Tis a shame he didn’t perform Turn it Up. Anyways, seems like you had a blast 😀


    • Oooh yes. I think American and even Korean-American fans like TOP the most. I felt like he had the most screams or was that only my section? We even had some middle aged women sitting behind us screaming for TOP. Haha, I shouldn’t be laughing because before you know it I’ll be them. I’m sure they’ll be back. I thought that I filmed Daesung singing “날개 (Wings)” but because I was uploading all night and half asleep doing it, I think I missed that one. I’ll go back and try to upload that. Honestly, I think he’s the best singer even though I think TOP has the sexiest voice. **EDIT** I guess I accidentally deleted that one by mistake. Sorry! It was a great performance though.


      • I wouldn’t be surprised if TOP is the most popular member. It helps that he does dramas as well 🙂 I definitely see myself going to concerts as a mommy and possibly even as a granny 😀 haha I think Daesung is easily the best singer in the group. He gained popularity through Family Outing, but definitely deserves more parts or even a solo? heh Thank you for taking your time to upload all the videos!


  2. hi, dear.. i totally blamed you (err your website) for my love affair with Big Bang. I knew about them, thought that “nah.. just another idol group”, read with nary interest about them and their comebacks, all the hoopla about Fantastic Baby….
    until I saw a post in chunkeemonkee’s just bananas about their weakest song… remembered distinctively that you wrote you don’t want talk about blue,bad boy or Fantastic baby, instead you will discuss about “Aint No fun” and “Love dust”. that intrigued me much since who have ever wrote about weakest song. Then I clicked play on “Aint No Fun” and its instant love, same story goes to “Love dust”. It got me thinking.. “if these are the weakest, how about the medium or even strongest?”. started downloading and listening and watching the rest after that. I fall in love irrevocably with them after I saw their live performance on “Aint No Fun”.
    and I blamed (and THANKED you) for this Big Bang obsession.


    • I’m glad I could contribute to your obsession! Hee hee… Not sure if you’ve been able to check out Primary yet from last week’s playlist post but if you like hip hop and/or ska, I recommend him. I am completely addicted.


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