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Skyfall is the 23rd movie in the James Bond series and Daniel Craig’s third.  The movie starts with a chase as MI6 agents, James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Eve (Naomie Harris) attempt to recover a computer hard drive containing identities of undercover agents in terrorist organizations.  Bond directly goes after the mercenary while Eve chases the both of them.  Bond reaches him on top of the train and a fight ensues.  Eve gets to higher ground and aims for a shot at the mercenary.  Despite her reluctance, M (Judi Dench) gives her the order to shoot and Eve hits Bond by mistake while the suspect gets away.

With the loss of Bond, M comes under extreme political pressure to retire by the Intelligence and Security Committee Chairman Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes).  On her return back to the MI6 offices, it is hacked and an explosion occurs killing a number of operatives.  Meanwhile, Bond used his supposed death to retire but he returns after hearing about the incident at MI6.

Having seen both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, I have to say that Quantum of Solace really doesn’t feel like a Bond movie to me.  I don’t know quite how to put it.  I didn’t hate the movie but I didn’t love it either.  It’s definitely a slower paced movie and there are key Bond elements that are missing from it.  In some ways, I thought it created a nice emotional development for Bond but in other ways Bond is not one of those characters who needs the emotional depth.

The sleeping with random girls and villain’s modus of operandi which make no sense, Bond movies are one instance when I’m okay with the shallowness.  Watching the trailer for Skyfall, it seemed like the old Bond was back from pining away over the loss of Vesper Lynd (Eva Green).

Adele – Skyfall

Adele – Skyfall

The beautiful thing about this movie is… it is simply beautiful.  With Sam Mendes at the helm and Roger Deakins as the cinematographer, they really knew how to capture of the beauty of whatever city they were in.  Whether it was Istanbul, Shanghai or Scotland, the camera highlighted the differing characteristics of each place.

And of course, there’s Raoul Silva’s (Javier Bardem) lair, which is set on an island off the coast of Macau but based on Japan’s Hashima Island.  Truthfully, these scenes weren’t filmed on location but on a studio lot.

I don’t think you could really go wrong casting Javier Bardem as your villain.  He’s got that hallowed eyed look in his face and his hulking stature generally makes you shudder.  But the genius of Javier Bardem is that he undercuts the drama and goes the extra mile by adding a soft voice and mischievous grin.  Raoul Silva’s a pretty funny character and still downright creepy.

It was also interesting to compare James Bond to Raoul Silva as they are essentially two characters who experienced almost the same thing but the outcomes are different.

While I was intrigued to see James Bond as a novice agent, I am glad that this movie also moves us forward in the James Bond with the introduction of some iconic characters.  The movie does a nice transition spending enough time wrapping up one story and looking ahead to the future.

The action scenes are great, the sex scenes pop up randomly and it provides just enough character depth and emotion without forgetting the panache that you usually expect from a Bond flick.



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