Just Bananas About: Week of 12/3/12

When I saw the preview for this week’s Running Man, I wasn’t all that thrilled about it.  I did know who the guests were but I was so very young when they were at their height and watched them alongside my parents.  So they’re kinda like from my parent’s generation.  Plus, I wasn’t sure if any foreign RM fans would get any of the 80/90’s references.  However, even if you don’t know who they are, the show is freakin’ hilarious.


First things first, a little introduction of the guests.  There’s Kim Wan Sun who is Korean 80’s pop icon.  On the show, they likened her to a Korean Madonna but I think that reference was stretching it a little to far.  To me, she’s more like Tiffany.  She was known for her clear-cut voice and catchy pop hits.


Next up, there’s Park Nam Jung who was most known for his dancing and labeled the Korean Michael Jackson.  I was still surprised that he could still do the moves.  In my memory, I know his mostly for the ㄱㄴ(kiyeok neeun) dance which basically comprised of a move that simulated how the characters are written.


Then, we have Kang Susie who was known for her innocent and pure image.  The song “보라빛의 향기 (Purple Scent)” launched her to fame.

Finally, there’s the group Sobangcha which literally translates as Fire Truck.  A trio group comprised of Kim Tae Hyung, Jung Won Kwan and Lee Sang Won as its members.  They were a dance pop group back in the 80’s and early 90’s.  I’m surprised that the Running Man staff was able to bring all 3 of the members aboard for this episode.


The team split up between the Running Man team and the Legends team.  Since the number of members were mismatched, the producers announced that there was one final member of the Legends team.  To his surprise, it was Kim Jong Kook, as he was part of the duo called Turbo in the 90’s.  I can’t believe that they brought out the one-piece racing suit for him to wear again.  But the surprises didn’t end there as Kara’s Goo Hara leaped out on stage and they announced she’d be joining the Running Man members.


This week, the theme was to transport the players by “time machine” back to moments in entertainment history and incorporate games from that time.  First up, they headed to a field for the Myung Rang Sports Day which was televised back in the 80’s.  The equivalent today is probably the Idol Olympics.  I love the attention to detail they brought for this game.  From the way Announcer Kim Hwan was dressed to the cheesy costumes the cheerleaders are wearing in the background.  Can you believe how much clothes people wore back in the day?  Lol.  I guess the positive thing is at least they are warm.


This was by far the game that made me laugh the most.  Basically all the members compete to do this obstacle course except they have to wear costumes that made them look like Oompa Loompas.  They had to squat down and were restricted from showing their knees.  A lot of them ended up getting stuck or rolling around the obstacle course instead of walking.


Of course, Lee Kwang Soo had an even bigger problem because of the fact that he’s too tall to even fit into the costume.  And then he proceeds to get stuck in the water trap and Kim Tae Hyung uses the opportunity to roll over him.


Then, it was off to 1998 which took the members to an arcade.  The task here was to see who could knock out the competition by finding out who could punch with the most force.  Lee Kwang Soo tried to envision Kim Jong Kook’s face on the punching bag.


Most people might have put their money on Kim Jong Kook winning it all but you’ll have to watch the episode to find out which team ends up winning.


Finally, they head to the 2002 to play “Tray Karaoke” which was made famous by the game that used to be played on Happy Together hosted by Yoo Jae Seok and Lee Hyo Ri.  The groups gets to hear the song once and then each person selects a spoon that determines the seating.  Each person is then responsible for singing a small section of it.  The pitch doesn’t have to be perfect but you have to get the beat and the words right.  If you get it wrong, the metal trays fall on top of your head.


Within the game, you do have the option of selecting chance which can grant you an opportunity to listen to the song again or switch up the seating order.  The Running Man teams get a Sobangcha song while the Legends team end up with a Kara song.


Through each of these games, the winning members collected various marbles for the last game.  The goal was to get the marbles into the inner pit by just throwing it straight in or trying to knock an opponent’s marble out.  ‘Til the very end, everyone is on pins and needles because it’s just hard to predict which way this game can go.



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