End of the Year TV Report (2012): Part 3

Merry Christmas everyone!  And finally here’s the American and British TV show edition.

I know I keep repeating the rating system but at least I follow it up with a brand-new explanation of them:

Must Watch – C’est si bon.
Watch – Oui oui.
Just OK – Comme ci, comme ça.
If you’re bored – You people make my ass twitch.
Pass – J’accuse! (points finger)



This midseason drama was cancelled only after one season.  The cinematography and special effects were great and the premise did seem interesting but it just felt that not enough attention was paid to the overarching storyline.  Many fans of Jorge Garcia and Lost were eager to see him in something equally as great after that series ended but this show just didn’t deliver enough week after week about the larger mystery and our main character’s stories.  Parminder Nagra’s character spent most of the season in a coma.  FOX gave it the axe due to poor ratings.

Verdict: Pass


This was one of those that I’ve grown tired of over the years and I was waiting for it to end.  The issue with Mary’s dad played throughout the series and it wraps up by the end.  While I was annoyed with Brandi and Jinx, I did miss them in the final season after Brandi leaves Peter at the altar.  I was again disappointed with Brandi because Peter seemed to be really good for her.  Plus, it’s Joshua Malina!  If you were there for the beginning of the series, you’d might be curious to see how it all ends but it doesn’t really go out with a huge bang.

Verdict: If you’re bored


What was supposed to be scary and mysterious brought to us by the same people that made Paranormal Activity was anything but that.  I felt that like Lost, they should have made it more character driven but either there was not enough there to continually make the characters interesting or the actors couldn’t play them well.

Verdict: Pass


Here is a series which had its ups and downs.  I really loved the altered timeline story but afterwards the show didn’t have the same appeal to me.  While the final episodes didn’t bring in a new twist we haven’t seen before, the series finale did leave off on a nicely, weird note just in that usual Eureka fashion.  It made me feel that it was worthwhile to stick it out with this series to the end.

Verdict: Just OK


A political miniseries on USA featuring a political family dynasty.  It felt a little like Primary Colors or The Game Change and many references can be made to the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas.  Unfortunately, the show decided a more soap opera-ish approach which undermined the political drama.  The miniseries was not given the green light to return for a 2nd season.

Verdict: If you’re bored


I don’t know why ABC continues to want to try these mystery/horror genres.  Lost was the one show that made that work but since then ABC has desperately trying to make up for what was left vacated by that show.  Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn do a decent job with the material that’s given to them but Jane and Henry are so uninteresting as the main characters.  I’m not surprised it got cancelled.

Verdict: Pass



I’m a little bummed that we won’t be seeing the 3rd series for awhile due to The Hobbit (Martin Henderson) and Star Trek Into the Darkness (Benedict Cumberbatch).  I need to know how Sherlock did it?  If you don’t know what I’m talking, go find out.  Some classic Sherlock Holmes stories done with a completely, modern twist.  One of my favorite stories, Hound of the Baskervilles, is covered this season and the modern aspects compliment the Victorian story so well.  There was a lot of build-up in anticipation for the appearance of Irene Adler and I think she does a good job in changing our perspective of Sherlock as he’s often too logical to have any feelings.  This 2nd series ups the game a bit more and I’m itching to find out what happens.

Verdict: MUST Watch


Here is America’s take on the British series and we’ve already wrapped up on a 2nd season.  What’s great about this series is that it takes the general premise of the British one and they do their own thing.  They learn from the mistakes of the original and develop the characters in their own way.  This season got a little darker but they didn’t take it as far as the British one.  I find Sally a bit annoying but I can overlook it as it does define her character and how her character is supposed to develop.

Verdict: Watch


This series has progressively growing dark after the first one and now none of the original cast remains after the 4th series.  However this 4th series did have some really good characters and plotlines.  My favorite was “Hold the Front Page” which brought back the cheeky vampire, Adam, who despite looking like a teenager is actually much older.  He falls for a middle-aged schoolmistress which causes a scandal and they run to Annie for help.  While I like Tom and Hal, now that the all the characters I knew and loved from the first series is gone I feel like it’s time for me to say goodbye to the BBC version of this show.

Verdict: Watch


The 3rd series was sadly not as great as the first two.  And I wasn’t all that surprised about that.  When you say violent crime and Whitechapel, really all you can think about is The Ripper.  The story about the Kray Twins isn’t well-known to Americans but since it takes place in Whitechapel it’s fitting with the series.  The first two series changes the stylistic look of the show to adapt with the story and it serves the plot well.  The first series has Victorian look while the 2nd series has a 60’s vibe.  The 3rd series gets into more gray area as the series doesn’t cover a single event but it is split into three different cases.  They don’t feel unique to the Whitechapel area.

Verdict: If you’re bored


ABC cancelled it after this season but I continue to enjoy this sitcom for its stupidity and frivolousness.  However, Season 3 had its problem.  Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) decide to get married and the whole sitcom became focused on the cul-de-sac crew and less on Jules’ dating life as a recently divorced, middle-aged mom.  Thereby making the title moot.  Which the show makes fun of constantly with its opening title sequence.  I sincerely hope the show continues with its witty, opening title card changes because I’d pause my DVR just to read it.  Season 3 may have gotten off-track but these characters wormed their way into my heart and they still make me smile if not laugh out loud.  I’m glad TBS decided to pick it up and I’ll watch it on there.  Hopefully Season 4 will deliver.

Verdict: Just OK


This show replaced my zeal I once reserved for Glee.  With original numbers and catty, backstage drama it made me want to watch Bombshell, which the fake musical featured here.  But there are some things that I did not love.  Julia and her affair storyline made me frustrated.  Raza Jaffrey was so underused and I’m sad to say that he’s not returning for the 2nd season.  However, despite being incredibly needy, Ivy was a character that seemed so realistic that I could overlook her neediness.  She works for the storyline.  I did keep changing my mind over whether I wanted her as Marilyn but in the end, I accepted Derek’s reason for choosing Karen.  Ivy does play Marilyn like a professional but Karen plays her like an insecure, Hollywood newbie.

Verdict: MUST Watch


I’m including both Series 2 & 3 here because it airs first in the UK before airing in the US.  Series 2 aired in the beginning of 2012 in the US and is scheduled to air Series 3 this upcoming January. As of now, I have yet to wrap out Series 3 because there is a Christmas episode coming up (tonight!) so I’ll write a review of the series once it airs.  World War 1 features prominently in the 2nd series and the Crawleys must now have to find themselves taking on different roles.  Matthew and Mary are constantly in this holding pattern which becomes further thwarted by the introduction of Miss Lavinia Swire.  However, the audience’s patience is rewarded at the start of Series 3 or maybe perhaps even before then (Re: Series 2’s Christmas Special).  Unfortunately, the changes don’t end there.  Be prepared to shed a lot of tears, tears of happiness, tears of sadness, for what happens in Series 3.  There are too many characters for me to get into how great this series is but it is worth watching.

Verdict: MUST Watch


So zou bisou bisou happened.  Lane happened.  A lot happened in Season 5 of Mad Men after a long hiatus.  While I’m not a big fan of Megan, I really like how Don became a new man after marrying her.  Yes, there are problems in that marriage but that speech that Don makes to Pete in the back of the cab made him seem like he respected his marriage to Megan more than when he was married to Betty.  I have no problem with Don returning to his old self but I felt unsettled when the whole series made me try to view Don in this new way and then leave us at the finale with oh Don is up to his old tricks again.  The season was a good ride up until that point.

Verdict: Watch


I’m embarrassed to say that I watch this show.  It’s not clever, it’s not witty.  It’s cheesy but Melissa Joan Hart and Joey (or Joseph) Lawrence have such great timing and chemistry that just makes the show work.  This sitcom feel like that old live audience sitcoms I loved in the 90’s so I watch it more for that nostalgia value.

Verdict: If you’re bored


After years of watching Gilmore Girls, I did not doubt that Amy Sherman-Palladino would create another witty, heartwarming series.  A Broadway veteran, Sutton Foster is right in her league.  I can’t wait for the series to return next month and hope Michelle gets a loveline we can all drool for.  The bartender may be cute but Hubbel was unexpectedly, pretty damn charming.

Verdict: Must Watch


Season 4 was lukewarm for me.  The season started with Hank and Evan being at odds with each other and it just made uncomfortable to watch them continue Hank Med without Hank.  Divya began her foray into the dating world with more losses than successes.  I miss some of my favorite Hamptonites from the first 2 seasons.  However, I love the introduction to the quirky Dr. Jeremiah.

Verdict: Just OK


USA needs to breathe new life into this show.  The magic just isn’t there anymore between Neal and Peter.  The slight betrayals and the mistrust are weighing a toll on me.  Plus, who didn’t see Neal’s father coming from a mile away?

Verdict: Just OK/If you’re bored


Been waiting years for Shawn and Jules to get together and they make a so-so couple which was kind of a letdown.  Not that I want their relationship to get in the way of Shawn’s totally awesome bromance with Gus but still.  A little more banter back and forth would be nice.  While I didn’t love all the episodes this season, I still love how the show makes parodies out of cult classics.  My favorite episodes this season are the Hangover episode, the vampire episode, the Indiana Jones episode and the Shining episode.

Verdict: Just OK


A new foe for us but an old foe for the firm enters the picture.  Daniel Hardman puts everyone at risk and does it in a way that’s so skeevy.  He’s played by David Costabile but I know this actor from Flight of the Conchords so it always takes me off-guard when I see him playing the bad guy even though he’s played more bad guys than good over the years.  I’m a little tired of the games that Mike and Rachel play with each other.  So over the will they/won’t they aspect of their relationship.  Instead, I’d like to learn more about Harvey’s personal life and Donna’s too.  I was so worried for Donna when she took the fall for the buried document.

Verdict: Watch


I’m a little addicted to the USA Network.  They’ve got a whole line of good shows that character driven.  However, this show felt like another legal drama and the first season, while okay, it was nothing really to write home about.  There just wasn’t enough tension there between our characters.  I love the introduction of Ben Grogan where his idea of success is money and winning cases.  So completely the opposite of Kate but they both challenge each other which creates some interesting sparks, unlike her ex-husband, Justin.

Verdict: Watch


Wow, I thought making me hate the main character, Walt, would mean a death sentence for this show.  I spent most of the season hating the decisions made by some of the characters but it’s all there for a  very specific reason.  I was so unprepared for how quickly the show would make me change my mind about how I felt about the characters and I am now eager to see how the series wraps up in the new year.

Verdict: Must Watch


Copper was BBC America first original scripted program for the network.  While it had a slow start, the tension builds up pretty quickly.  The mystery surrounding Corky’s family was developed well throughout the season but the various romances had me spinning in circles.  I don’t quite envision Robert and Elizabeth as couple just yet because Robert has so much going on politically to really pay attention to her trivial interests.  Friends, yes.  Lovers, not yet.

Verdict: Just OK


I was not at all interested in the Vampire Authority and I could care less about Evil Bill.  I wished for more of the Fae storyline and the mysterious vampire after Sookie and her fairy blood but I guess I need to wait until next season.  However, Alan Ball has moved on and I worry about what will become of this show.

Verdict: Pass


I’ll admit that when it comes to Aaron Sorkin, I’m biased.  I love Aaron Sorkin for his ability to create shows that are poignant, timely, witty and heartwarming all at the same time.  There’s something about the way the news is done today, it’s done more with rating in mind that quality.  The show does play up the drama but I like how it incorporates real news stories into their episodes as I identify with where I was during these major news events.  Considering all the news that happened this year, I do worry about next season.  Not because I fear the worst for the drama but personally I’m not sure if I’ll be ready to face some of these tragedies again even if its in a fictional setting.

Verdict MUST Watch


I’m not really sure what to say about this season.  It was less about the artifacts that the team seeks out week to week and more about the overarching plot of the consequences of Artie using the Magellan’s Astrolabe.  Since the team needs to go back and retrieve artifacts that were already procured, it made me think that maybe they’ve run out of artifacts.  I don’t know what it was but I was pretty disappointed.

Verdict: If you’re bored


Alphas went really dark this season but it was a fitting development for the series.  After betraying and being betrayed, it really felt like all the characters were backed into a corner and had to take matters in their own hands even if it meant going against the government, the ones they loved and breaking the law.  I’m curious to see how next season will alleviate some of the pain our main characters experienced this year.

Verdict: Watch


I didn’t expect Amy and Rory’s exit to be such an emotional ride.  Their last episode was thrilling and did make me weepy.  However, the season as a whole, so far, has not been as thrilling as I hoped it would be.  We got a new companion coming who previously did make an appearance in this season’s series premiere.  I’m looking forward to the Christmas special and hoping the thrill returns in the new year’s episodes.

Verdict: Just OK


I keep telling myself, ‘We’re nearing the end.  We’re nearing the end.’  There is just not enough to this post-Observer world to make me feel excited.  The mystery, the unusual cases, the Fringe mythology, all of those elements were working together in previous seasons.  Now it’s just about the Fringe mythology and how the team will be able to defeat the once-passive Observers.

Verdict: If you’re bored (Honestly, I’m watching out of habit and trying to wrap out the rest of the series so hence this rating.)


Glee has finally jumped the shark for me this season.  (They’ve done underwhelming episodes before but then they’d bring the glee back.)  I do not feel all that connected with the newer Gleeks.  Also, people like Tina, Artie, Sam were more in the background due to the fact that the other stars had most of the stories the previous seasons.  They still seem to be on the back burner which is a shame.  Ooh and the “Gangnam Style” number?  Yeah, I’m sorry but it was underwhelming.  On the other hand, I do like seeing the Rachel and Kurt do their thing in New York.  I really did love the “Let’s Have a Kiki” number but it does go on for a bit thereby taking time away from some of the more thought-provoking, emotional and character developing moments of the Thanksgiving episode.

Verdict: Just OK


I had expected too much out of this season.  I don’t even watch this show live anymore.  Vampire Elena is sooo boring and annoying.  Recently there is one good thing about her.  She gets together with Damon and have hot, hot sex together.  Of course, Stefan (and Caroline, too) becomes our Debbie Downer by realizing she’s sired to Damon.  Damn, just when Damon was going to make Elena interesting instead of whiny.  Can the writers please further the Klaus/Caroline plot because this season’s storyline just isn’t doing it for me and I need something else to focus on?

Verdict: Just OK


I never watch this show live and it’s one that so often overlooked.  Yet, the showing can be incredibly heartwarming and real that it catches me off-guard when I do end up seeing it.  It’s like watching a real American family with all of their idiosyncracies.  Please, Sarah, don’t mess things up with Jason Ritter.  I’m watching you.  I am so anxious about the train wreck heading Amber’s way as she’s dating an ex-soldier with PTSD but loving how much she’s matured over the last year.  As much as watching Kristina and Adam can be the oh-so-politically-correct parents who annoy me, her cancer story has been such an emotional ride.

Verdict: Watch


This doesn’t live up to Sherlock but I can’t quite evaluate it the same way as I do with Sherlock.  They are clearly two different types of shows that’s using the Sherlock Holmes character.  Note, I said character and not stories.  This version is using Holmes traits to Jonny Lee Miller’s character but not really applying the stories.  The pilot was underwhelming simply because the cases weren’t all that difficult to solve and the show seemed to be less focused on developing the characters.  The show is getting better though as Joan Watson is slowly getting Holmes to open up more to her so at least I can watch for the characters.  Though, I can still spot the ending a mile away.

Verdict: Just OK


Another series where I had too high of an expectation for a new plot development/character and it just didn’t quite live up to it.  Nick is largely brutal and I had pictured Kalinda being a very different person around him but she craves the chaos in their relationship.  Not where I saw that going because I thought she came to Chicago for order in her life that she didn’t have previously.  Also, I wonder what the season would have been like if Kristin Chenoweth didn’t get hurt on set.  Would we have seen more of the campaign?  Because we are certainly not seeing all that much of Peter.  On the other hand, I’m loving the storyline with Jackie and her new caretaker.  But I just want to call him granny’s young, hot murse.

Verdict: Just OK


So as the tagline for this season goes: He saw.  She saw.  Deb annoys me and thought this was a good time for Dexter to off her.  But then Hannah McKay is also goddamn annoying.  The guest stars this season with the exception of Ray Stevenson have been underwhelming.  As much as I am afraid of Dexter bring found out, I don’t mind that LaGuerta has her suspicions.  I’ve seen the season finale and while not surprised by Deb’s choice, I’m not totally for the changes in her character.

Verdict: If you’re bored


I have to say that I even felt this with the first season.  While Upstairs Downstairs feels like another BBC period drama focusing on the lives of aristocrats and their household akin to Downton Abbey, I have almost the completely opposite reaction to it.  Not to say that the drama isn’t entertaining.  The plot progression and the scandals are quite entertaining but I can’t say that I love Sir Holland and his family the way I do the Crawleys.  It’s like watching trainwreck celebrities wreaking havoc in a public forum.  I’m emotionally detached from them but I’d still like to know what happens to them.  I sorely missed Jean Marsh as she needed to take some off due to her stroke.  Alex Kingston is a nice addition to the cast this season but you really need a kind soul like Rose Buck (Jean Marsh) to counter Mr. Pritchard’s prickliness downstairs.  The writers try with Mrs. Thackeray but it’s really not her place to butt in if you think about the downstairs hierarchy.

Verdict: Just OK


Nucky learned that he couldn’t be half a gangster and this season was all about the politicking between the gangsters.  Who owns what, who has the power, what place the law has in this lawless land.  I wasn’t all that impressed with Gyp Rosetti even though I love Bobby Cannavale.  Not until the end of the season when everything comes to a head and Rosetti goes to eliminate Nucky forcing Nucky to go into hiding.  I was so relieved not to lose Eddie.  But what I can’t understand is Margaret.  She knew the kind of man Nucky was and I have little patience for her foolishness.

Verdict: Watch


Over the years, this sitcom has waned for me overall but they still got some really funny episodes.  I’m interested in seeing how the new baby will affect the Pritchett crew.

Verdict: Just OK


Aww, New Girl is still cute, bangs and all.  Though Jess is no longer a teacher, I love all the wacky jobs she’s taking on to make ends meet.  Schmidt cracks me up.  And Nick is crankier than ever.

Verdict: Watch


The first season was so great but it just does not seem as funny this season.  It’s a little weird to see Reagan without a job now and it’s Chris going to work.  I miss Jason Lee so, so much.  I don’t hate Reagan’s brother but he hasn’t really made me laugh.  The crew stills gets into crazy situations and I like Christina Applegate and Will Arnett so much that I still enjoy the show but not with as much zeal as the first season.

Verdict: If you’re bored


This is one of those shows where I’m still going through the motions.  I really liked having Christina away in Minnesota.  She and Owen weren’t working out and she was in some really bad headspace.  Though Meredith tries to help, you can’t really help what is internal.  The show did away with some characters through the plane crash and now our doctors are the teachers giving the new interns a hard time.  Maybe time will make me warm up to them but for now, they’re… whatever.  Although I still haven’t warmed up to Kepner so I’m not holding my breath out for the interns.

Verdict: If you’re bored


This is the last season of Private Practice and another show that I’m ready to let go of.  They were entertaining while it lasted but with Pete gone and the fact that Amelia is all dark after going through what she went through and Sheldon barely being present, I just want to move on now.  It’s not that light frothy drama with some dramatic plot that I was hoping it would be.  The meter is more in that dark and twisty territory.

Verdict: If you’re bored


Scandal, scandal, scandal.  You know when you have a new toy, you totally neglect the old toy.  This is one of those Shonda Rhimes toys that I’m currently addicted to.  It’s got that same witty flair, fast dialogue, misfit of characters, soapy plot points as the other shows but with political intrigue.  I love political intrigue.  This group is like part self-help guru, chief of staff, CIA agent, all-in-one.  There is a bit of shocker that’s revealed this season about some of our players which completely changes how you view them.

Verdict: Watch


The first half of the season, I was in love with Simon.  Thank goodness for Eyal carrying the show through the 2nd half of the season.  However, I’m growing impatient with Annie and Auggie and the season finale with the two of them left a lot to be desired.  I’ll admit that I wanted them to get together at the very beginning of the series but so much has happened since then.  Annie realized she liked Auggie at the end of season 2 but then when we return she falls for Simon awfully quickly.  After grieving over Simon in the latter part of this season, she’s immediately ready to be with Auggie now?  I don’t think so.

Verdict: Just OK


Nikita defeated Percy and Amanda is on the run.  Now our team is running Division.  While their main focus was to bring Division down, after defeating the two corrupt leaders, Nikita was unwilling to abandon the many members of Division who were once like her, lost and misguided teens.  By continuing to run Division and taking out members who are acting as standalone terrorists, the team hopes to slowly bring this covert ops group to a close.  I like this new direction for the show as it presents our characters with a different kind of challenge.  However, I could see my attention waning with some of the characters.  Particularly Michael and Nikita’s loveline.

Verdict: Just OK


While I mainly watch the show to see the beautiful cinematography of Hawaii landscape in HD, this procedural is thrilling enough to keep me going.  Recently, I really enjoyed exploring the stories of some of our other team members like Max.  And Daniel Henney joined the cast as a guest star.  I much prefer to see Daniel Henney as the bad guy.  He’s just more interesting that way.

Verdict: Just OK


Oy, this season has been very frustrating.  The whole self-sacrificing Audrey pushing Nathan away made me roll my eyes.  Out of the whole season, the only episode I really loved was the one with Sarah.  Honorable mention does go to the haunted house episode with Iain Glen and directed by Jason Priestley as well as the coma patient (Nolan North) who put all of Haven to sleep.  The season wraps out soon and I’d really like The Colorado Kid to make an appearance if he hasn’t done so already.  I have my theories but I doubt we’ll get much judging by the pacing of the season.

Verdict: Just OK


Catching up with this show by on-demand, now I’m fully vested in this show.  It’s a nice take on the Grimm Fairy Tales.  I find that Juliette and Nick have no chemistry with each other and I’m all for her hooking up with Captain Renard even though they’re both under a spell.  Honestly, Captain Renard makes Juliette more exciting as a character but otherwise she does nothing for me.  I love Monroe and Rosalee as a couple and I can’t wait for Bree Turner to return to the show post-baby.  Her departure from Portland was abrupt but alas, you can’t help when real life intercedes.  And I am so relieved that Hank now knows about Nick’s family history.

Verdict: Watch


I didn’t get to see the first season last year because I simply did not have the time.  However, you don’t need to watch that to enjoy the story here.  Each season is its separate standalone story.  The show is pretty graphic and violent so it’s not for the faint of heart but the acting is fantastic and the story is so effin twisted.  I’ve said it before that I’m not the type to really get scared during scary movies and while I don’t classify this show as scary, it’s holy f*#% disturbing.  Perhaps it’s not wise, though knowing this hasn’t prevented me from watching it before going to bed, but I have been kept up at nights because of the disturbing nature of the show.

Verdict: Must Watch


It has been long since Series 1 that I had so forgotten that Freddie (Ben Whishaw) calls Bel, Miss Moneypenny.  (For those that don’t know, Ben Whishaw plays Q in the new Bond movie, Skyfall.)  I love that this team is back and just like The Newsroom, it makes me wistful for some good ol’ fashioned news reporting.  The show mixes elements of a spy drama with soapy Mad Men drama.  The overarching conspiracy seems interesting but it’s worth the wait to see what happens between Bel and the now-married Freddie.  His wife just happens to be played by Lizzie Brocheré who is also in American Horror Story: Asylum.

Verdict: Must Watch


I suppose it’s not fair to split up the American and British shows as the field is narrower for British television according to my list of what I’ve watched this year.  So here’s the final selection for the Ahh-Musings awards.  Drumroll, please.


Okay, so I’m torn as to which way to go here so I’ve decided on a tie.  American Horror Story: Asylum and The Newsroom.  The reason being is that I think American Horror Story: Asylum is a pretty disturbing show and while the storytelling is solid and the characters are all fascinating, not everyone will be able to stomach a drama of this nature.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM – There’s something about the 60’s in America and how we used to treat mentally unstable patients.  It’s like an American urban legend.  Some people believe that if you go to an abandoned insane asylum you’ll find that ghosts still reside there.  I’d like to check out and see what the first season of this show is like over the Christmas break but I like that I can go into this show without having watched the previous one.  The acting is superb and there is a reason why a cast of fantastic actors flock to this project.  The show continually gets creepier and creepier, week after week.  And yes, this is the same creator that brought us Glee.

I can completely see American Horror Story might not be the type of show many people would like or appreciate.  The genre alone would turn many people off.  So in that case, I’d consider The Newsroom to be the Best American/British show of the year.

THE NEWSROOM – While The Newsroom isn’t the first show set behind the scenes of a newsroom, it’s got the brilliant writing of Aaron Sorkin.  Here he takes real current events stories that’s not too far from our memory and so there is an emotional connection the viewers will make with the stories as we watch this team put together the information for the broadcast.  McAvoy is certainly a character I identify with as he’s completely aware of what makes him popular and how he must perform for the higher ups.  And yet, Mackenzie brings out the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in him.


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