[Review] Fortunetellers – 점쟁이들


After writing an exposé on a shady company, Chan Young’s (Kang Ye Won) editor sends her off to a remote village to investigate stories of it being haunted by demons.  Shamans and other religious leaders from all over the country gather here to see if they can rid the town of evil but the incidents taking place are so strange and terrifying that most of them simply give up.

Remaining behind are a group of supernaturally-inclined heroes which include Mr. Park the exorcist (Kim Su ro), Shim In (Kwak Byeong Gyu) the monk with an all seeing eye, Wol Gwang (Yang Kyung Mo) the young clairvoyant, Seung Hee (Woo Ri) the tarot card master and Suk Hyun (Lee Je Hoon) the engineer who specializes in making ghost chasing technology.  Chan Young follows the group in their epic battle against evil but discovers that she has a connection to the village herself.

I would say that America pretty much has the monopoly on superhero films but this movie does a pretty decent job in the superhero genre and making it uniquely Korean.  The movie has a lot of action, a bit of comedy and has a spooky feel without being too scary for those who are unable to watch horror movies.  There are some sections of the movie where things go bump in the night and one scene that’s a little gory but overall the movie ranks pretty low on the fright meter.

As for the cast, most of the main cast is pretty well known so you know what to expect of them.  Kim Su ro and Kwak Byeong Gyu have some nice back and forth chemistry which is pretty funny.

Kang Ye Won is plucky as Chan Young.  Woo Ri does a good job in playing Seung Hee but it’s the kind of acting range that I expect from her.  Just a little bit funny, a little odd and totally an angsty, goth girl.

I wanted to see more of Lee Je Hoon but forgive me as I’m a bit biased to him.  While this film doesn’t fully explore his range nor do we explore his character too deeply (not that his character needed great depth), it was nice to see him act in something decent again.  (Yeah I know I can’t let the disaster of Fashion King go even though it’s been about a year since.)

However, my favorite character has got to be Wol Gwang.  Yeah, it’s partly because he’s a cute kid but he’s got a dark, adult demeanor.  Combined with the fact that he’s unable to speak jondaemal (formal speech) to his elders makes him pretty amusing to watching.

The “evil” entity’s identity stays pretty much hidden through most of the movie but makes it worth sticking around to find out what makes it tick and even discover the village’s history.  Other than that, the movie is pretty formulaic.  The heroes go to village to solve their problem only to be met by opposition.  Our heroes learn of the village’s sordid history while working out some of their own issues.  Our heroes save the day.

However, the cast here is good enough to entertain even with the predictability.  So I’d recommend it for those who are familiar with Kim Su ro, Kang Ye Won, Lee Je Hoon, Woo Ri and the other cast.  Though I wish they had a brilliant scene post-credits like that of The Avenger’s shawarma scene.



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