Just Bananas About: Week of 1/14/13

So much happened over the course of last week but mostly last night.  Excuse the lateness but I want to cover a lot in today’s post so I’ll just try to give quick highlights of each.  Which include: the Golden Globes, American Horror Story: Asylum and The Good Wife (AGAIN!) and yesterday’s Running Man.  Random selection, I know, and I can’t say there is a clear cut common thread through each of these except they were all entertaining.

First off, the ladies rules last night’s Golden Globes lead by two hilarious hosts: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.  I am still chuckling over the dig made at Kathryn Bigelow’s ex-husband, James Cameron.

The big winners of the night were Les Misérables with a win for Hugh Jackman (Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical) and Anne Hathaway (Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture) and the movie itself for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical.  The Best Motion Picture Award for Drama went to Argo with a Best Director win for Ben Affleck who did not get a nomination for an Oscar.

For television, cables television were the big winners as Best Comedy Series went to HBO’s Girls with a win for Lena Dunham for Best Actress in a Comedy Series while Best Drama Series went to Showtime’s Homeland with wins for both Damien Lewis and Claire Danes in the Drama categories.

Big wins also means witty speeches that are succinct enough not to be cutoff by the music but meaningful enough to make an impression but I think the best speech goes to the person who knew she was going to accept an award well before the ceremony.  This year’s Lifetime Achievement award went to Jodie Foster who announced she is retiring from the stage even though she’s only 50 years old.  But to be fair, she’s been in the biz since she was 3, so that’s a long time.  Her speech was humorous but mostly touching.


While it was an important night for Hollywood, I spent most of the night watching Sunday TV, which included Running Man.  Park Shin Yang and Uhm Ji Won guest starred to promote their new movie, 박수건달 (The Gangster Shaman), but the theme followed Park Shin Yang’s old drama, 쩐의전쟁 (War of Money).

Each team is given a large envelope of money meant to be used throughout the day’s games.  The team head to a car wash/gas station to play Running Man’s version of The Matrix which was demonstrated by our favorite FD, Dong Hwan.

The players had to bend over backward to catch water that was being sprayed at them in a bowl that was strapped to their front.  Then the water had to be carefully poured into a pitcher which needed to be filled past the red line.  The teams tried various different methods but the losing team would have to gas up the cars of the other teams using their allowance.

Afterwards, they head to a gym for a round of gym karaoke.  Basically the players use the equipment to sing into the mic like lifting themselves up on the pull-up bar in order to get the mic close their face enough to sing into it.  Losers pay for the staff’s lunch which came to 93,000 won (approximately $93) which would most likely take a large chunk of a team’s allowance.

It was funny to watch Park Shin Yang try to sing his hit song from Lovers in Paris, “사랑하도 될까요 (Can I Love You?),” and the embarrassment when he only scored 50 points.

The final challenge took them into the SBS offices where they played a round of musical chairs.  The members specifically had to find the office director’s chair and sit in it without it being taken away.

Many lost the battle due to lack of strength, *ahemJiSukJincough*.  He was even willing to steal a chair from his fellow teammate, Yoo Jae Suk.

While others were stubborn enough to stick it out all the way through the end.  It lead to this fabulous shot of Park Shin Yang and Kim Jong Kook fighting for one chair.


Finally, I know it’s bad form to basically praise a show that I praised the week before and I’m praising not one but two same shows.  I just can’t help that the episodes were that good!  The Good Wife had a very mediocre first half of the season in the fall but they are certainly making up with the second half.  I love the guest stars on this show and last night’s episode had the return of Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston), her flaming red hair and quirky personality.  She’s a little unorthodox but an efficient lawyer.  Today, she’s defending an athlete who is wrongly being forced out of her contract but she’s behind bars accused of harassing the opponent.

Alicia tries to help her out and in the meantime enlists Will to help out on Elsbeth’s case.  Will pitches in only to contend with a panel of French-speaking judges so he recruits Dianne who is fluent in French.  How much do I love that Dianne is fluent in French?  Elle est incroyable!

In the midst of the case this week, things are not all hunky dory on the campaign trail as Eli feels like he’s being pushed out due to the unjust investigation.  But what I love is the expression on his face when he sees Alicia exiting Peter’s trailer after their “encounter”.  Her reponse?  “Oh, don’t worry.  It’s just the wife.”  Ha, would you have preferred a prostitute?

But back to Elsbeth, though I love her, I’m not sure that I’d be able to stand her every single week but I am so glad that there is a possibility of her sticking around to help Eli.  She certainly lights up the room.

And then there’s American Horror Story: Asylum.  I am totally disturbed by the show and yet addicted to it.  So much so that my day job had me dealing with a documentary series about killers all day and though I was still reeling from the terrifying details of that show, I still had to go home and find out what happened next on this show.  I didn’t sleep that night.

The episode was an homage to Brian De Palma, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, all those directors of old Hollywood film noirs with skewed angles and long shadows.

The interesting cinematography constantly had me anxious throughout the episode because I worried if the characters we were actually rooting for would succeed.  Not to mention the use of Helen’s theme from Candyman under most of Lana’s scene.  That was a brilliant tie-in.

Simply put, the episode was beautiful.  The story though was pretty nasty and ugly what with serial killers, revenge killings and graphic, sexual content.  If you can stomach the plot, this show is not to be missed.


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