[Review] Jackal is Coming – 자칼이 온다


A hit is mysteriously put out on top Hallyu star, Choi Hyun (Kim Jae Joong).  As Choi Hyun arrives at Seong Ju’s Paradise Hotel for a rendezvous with Angela (Kim Sung Ryung), the rich wife of a CEO, first-time assassin, Bong Min Jung (Song Ji Hyo), arrives first.  However, the cops are staking out in the room next door to catch the assassin known only as the “Jackal” who recently left a note announcing he’d be there for his next kill.

After watching Song Ji Hyo on Running Man, I was eager to see her in something that suits her tomboyish and fun personality.  This movie certainly showcases her comedic side as well as her badass chick side.  Mind you, Min Jung  admits that this is her first assassin-for-hire gig and while she can be super clumsy, she’s also pretty effective at getting one up one Choi Hyun.

Ever since Protect the Boss, I felt Kim Jae Joong proved he was a pretty decent actor.  Sure, he’s inexperienced but he’s compelling enough to pull off whatever role he’s playing.  In a way, Choi Hyun is no different from Kim Jae Joong’s real life experiences.  As a Hallyu star himself, he understands what it’s like to be famous star and what’s it’s like to have stalkers or sasaeng fans.  Certainly no acting is required there.  However, he’s quite adept at the comedy to make those scenes look funny and has good enough chemistry with Song Ji Hyo.

Kim Jae Joong – 나만의 위로 (My Sole Comfort)

김재중 – 나만의 위로

Police Chief Shin (Han Sang Jin) and Police Chief Ma (Oh Dal Soo) also have their own type of chemistry.  They’re like Oscar and Felix whereas Chief Shin is very by-the-book and Chief Ma goes by instinct.  They both bring their skills to the case but when things don’t go according to plan, it produces a hilarious result.

The movie produces one hilarious moment after another and I have to admit that the moments are unexpected.  Sometimes when you watch a comedy, you can see the punch line coming so it’s refreshing to be surprised.

However, the unexpectedness of the punch line here also comes from the absurdity of the plot.  Why does Min Jung have to check in as a Japanese tourist when she’s going to spend all her time in Choi Hyun’s room?  It’s not like the hotel has a great deal of security.  Or why does the CEO agree to help bring the “Jackal” out to Min Jung?  It’s these little details in the convoluted plot that don’t make much sense to me.  It’s a plot that Dr. Evil would totally be onboard for.  But the movie encourages you to go along with it because they all make it look so much fun and in a way, it does payoff in the end.  That’s all you can really take away from the film and that’s all I’m willing to reveal without spoiling it but really, I’m not complaining.



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