Just Bananas About: Week of 2/4/13

Some American shows make you wait years before you get a kiss.  Sure, I did see the promos before watching last week’s episode of New Girl but with an episode title called “Cooler” I didn’t expect a kiss to happen so soon.

The episode starts off with Nick (Jake Johnson) finding a trenchcoat wrongly delivered to their apartment so he decides to take it because it fits him perfectly.  Mind you, it’s a woman’s trenchcoat.

Since it’s been awhile since they’ve all had sex, the boys decide to go out on to the town.  Jess (Zooey Deschanel) offers to be their wingwoman but Nick immediately turns her down saying that she ends up being a Cooler rather than helping them hook up.

So Jess ends up spending the night home alone which includes running without bottoms and creating a melonhead Nick.

But it doesn’t last long as she calls everyone she knows after hearing a scary noise outside the apartment door.  So the boys brings their dates home.

Although Winston (Lamorne Morris) has trouble speaking to women, he meets a girl (Brenda Song – love her!) who happens to already be married.  She decides to help Winston with his moves.  Nick and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) fight over Brooklyn Decker.  She loves guys who are sad and pathetic.

They all decide to play a round of True American: The Clinton Rules which calls for stripping.  Oy, as if the original rules weren’t difficult enough.  I kinda loved that Brooklyn Decker asks if the rules are written down somewhere which they all scoff at.  So Jess tries to push Nick and his girl together but inadvertently the two of them end up behind the “Iron Curtain” forced to kiss each other and provide proof of it.

Meanwhile, Winston’s girl confesses that she’s not really married and challenges Winston to do something about it.  He promptly kisses her to which she jokes that he kisses like a damn bitch.  Haha, I hope she comes back.

After several attempts and the group cheering them on by going, “Kiss, kiss, kiss,” which includes Jess’ current boyfriend Sam, Nick confesses that this isn’t how he imagined kissing Jess which catches her off guard.

Realizing what he just said and the awkward moment that occurs between the two, he decides to bail out the window in just his trenchcoat to everyone’s horror.  Afterwards, everyone ends up with someone to go to bed with except for Nick who is the odd man out yet again.

In the middle of the night, Jess comes out because of the weird noises at the door again.  It’s the neighbor’s dog and once the neighbors retrieves her dog she sees her trenchcoat on Nick which promptly demands to be returned.  Before parting, Nick grabs Jess into a passionate kiss followed by a tender one.  I can’t say it looked pretty but then again good passionate kisses never look good on camera, do they?  Can’t wait to see what happens next and from the promos it looks hilarious.


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