Monkey Poo: Christina Applegate Is Done With Being Up All Night

So it appears that Christina Applegate has up and done it.  She departed the show last Friday due to creative differences.

Those differences include changing the format of the show from a single-camera format to a more traditional sitcom with multiple cameras and a live audience.  I can’t slam Christina Applegate for her decision as this season just hasn’t been cutting it for me.  Plus, the show not only lost a star but the show’s creator, Emily Spivey, and the show-running producer, Tucker Cawley.  Reagan (Christina Applegate) being without a job was certainly a different turn of pace this season but it wasn’t one that I wanted for maybe another season or two.  It’s a shame because I love Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph but I am just not sure what this show is going to do now.  Is Reagan going to suddenly disappear resulting in Chris (Will Arnett) being a single dad?  There are talks of Lisa Kudrow replacing Applegate but having another person come in and play Reagan is just weird too.  Not to mention that Kudrow and Applegate’s brand of comedy are so different from one another.  This is just all kinds of awwwwkward.


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