Just Bananas About: Week of 2/18/13

I think I just found my new favorite variety show.  Last week, I have been busy marathoning Dad! Where Are You Going? and I found it both hilariously funny and heartwarming.  While I plan on getting into what episodes have occurred so far in a first impressions review of the program, I thought I’d take the opportunity to just introduce the show here.

Five celebrity dads take time out of their busy schedules to take trips with their kids in order to gain a better understanding of who they are as well as to see what it takes to dress and feed their children without the child’s mother.  The show is part 1 Night 2 Days and part Kids Say the Darnest Things.  Each trip the father and kid pair takes is for one night and two days where they will try to secure the most comfortable sleeping environment and see how the kids secure ingredients for dinner while the fathers just utilize what is brought back and cook it.

I like the celebrities they’ve chosen to be on the show because they are varied in their careers and parenting personalities.  First there’s Announcer Kim Sung Joo with his eldest son, Kim Min Gook.

Kim Min Gook is the oldest out of all the kids at age 10 and he’s super intelligent but he’s a spoiled city boy who often relies on crying when he doesn’t get his way.  Especially when it comes to their sleeping arrangement for the night.

Then there’s veteran character actors Sung Dong Il with his son, Sung Joon.

At first, Sung Dong Il seems like that strict parent who cannot stands kids who throw tantrums and cry.  While Joon appears like the sensitive type on the surface, he is quiet, mature and smart.

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk takes his younger son, Lee Joon Soo.

Just like his father, Joon Soo is a prankster who doesn’t hesitate to wreak just a little bit of kid havoc.  He always has a smile on his face but when the father and kid pairs are tasked with seeing who memorizes a new kid song the fastest, Lee Jong Hyuk just sighs and laments about his son’s poor memory.

Singer Yoon Min Soo brings his son, Yoon Hoo.

By doing the program, he hopes to get closer to his son as Yoon Hoo is really close with his mother.  Yoon Hoo can be coaxed anytime and anywhere with food as he used to eating 5 or 6 times a day.  He’s smart and has a big heart but gets easily distracted when given a mission.

Finally, there’s Soccer Star Song Jong Guk with his daughter, Song Ji Ah.

Song Jong Guk admits that he’s becomes an idiot around his daughter because she can do no wrong in his eyes.  Ji Ah is super sweet and loves her dad.  Despite that she’s young, she’s already has a loveline on the show.

I’ll get more in depth on the show and the trips/incidents that happened so far in my review later this week.  For now, it’s a really entertaining show that I’m sure is enlightening the dads on themselves and the unknown aspects of their kid’s personalities.


6 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 2/18/13

  1. I’ve just finished watching the first 2 episodes last night after I saw that they’re already subbed. The kids are just too cute, esp. YH, JS (who looks like just his dad), and Sung Dong-Il’s son, who I dubbed little Gu Jun Pyo, not for the attitude but for the hair, and elegance..hehe.. So far, I am liking how the episodes were edited, the PD’s aren’t pushing much drama into the situations, even the “crush line” and hopefully, it will continue that way..


  2. I adore this show ❤ I love how kids are allowed to be themselves and react to situations the way they normally would. Also, I enjoy watching the fathers figure out how to take care of their child and learn new things about themselves and their children. Yoon Hoo and Ji Ah have the most adorable love line in the history of variety shows lol Yoon Hoo is such a "macho" man hahahaha I love when he eats kimchi. Ji Ah is very sweet. I can definitely see why Song Jong Kook is such a 딸바보 🙂 I think Joon is very mature for his age. Sung Dong Il is not very good at communicating with his son, but Joon seems to appreciate anything and everything. Jun Su is hilarious! HAHAHA I love how Lee Jong Hyuk and Jun Su are not that far apart in terms of maturity(?) heh Min Guk is spoiled, but he is still a very sweet and intelligent kid. My favorite Min Guk moment is when he didn't tell on Sung Dong Il during that "test."


    • I do love all the kids. Go figure. I am not a kid person. I thought Min Guk would eventually grate on my nerves but I get where he’s coming from. He’s out of his comfort zone. As a teen, I remember going to the countryside in Korea and we had to shower in a super creepy shack with a hose. I probably would have cried myself but I just really needed to take a shower and get out of there as quickly as possible because there was someone/something making noise in the woods behind me. Lol. However, my favorite kid has got to Joon. My mom loves Hoo and I totally get his appeal. He’s hilarious and sweet. But I just love the unassuming Joon. I love that Sung Dong Il tells Joon to do all these things and he does it so willing. Sweep the room, make the kimchi pancakes. Lol. My favorite moment though has got to be when Joon and Jun Su went to find ingredients together and they ended up in the house with all the beans scattered across the floor. Jun Su immediately dove right into the beans to play in them. He was literally swimming in the beans. And Jun Su just stood from afar with that concerned look on his face. Oooh Jun Su… he’s gonna break hearts with that mischievous grin of his.


      • I agree with you about Min Guk. I thought his constant crying would bother me, but I get him. I would not have wanted to sleep in the most old-fashioned house either. I went camping about two times, and I only took a shower every two days… LOLOL I was too scared to go every day and the water was freezing cold. YES ME TOO! My favorite child is Joon 🙂 Everyone is in love with Hoo, and I adore him too, but Joon just ❤ He clearly loves the attention his father gives him since I'm sure Sung Dong Il is very busy and unsure of how to be a good father. I still can't get over how happily Joon ate that gamja and kimchi for breakfast that first trip. I am glad they came out on the show because I can tell their relationship is changing a lot. I also liked how we got to see Joon being a good oppa and leader(?). When Jiah kept going off to the side in the market, he made sure to watch out for her and not get distracted from their task.


  3. I just watched the two first episodes and I really really like it. It is just as heartwarming and funny like you said. And even though I’m not that much of a kid person myself, I found these children so adorable. Each of them has a different personality and a different relationship with their dads and it is nice that they get to bond not only with their dads, but with other children too. It’s hard for me to pick one kid as a favourite because they all shine in separate ways.
    So thanks for the recommendation, can’t wait for upcoming episodes.


  4. I’ve seen 3 eps of this show and I enjoyed it very much. I don’t like being with kids in real life but I like watching kids on variety shows. I love the awkward/funny interactions of the dads and kids when they’re alone. I especially like Sung Dongil and Joon’s because I can see that they’re getting closer. And Joon is soo cute. Hoo is cute too and I love that his dad teases him and his reactions. Junsu is the mini me of Lee Jonghyuk. And somehow, Lee Jonghyuk seems like he’s like his character in A Gentleman’s Dignity except for the playboy part – or maybe that’s just me.

    I hope you continue to write about the future episodes. I like reading your reviews even if I don’t comment that much.


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