First Impressions – Dad! Where Are You Going?: Ep. 1 – 8 – 아빠! 어디가?: 1회 – 8회


I realize I’m a bit late with this review.  Later than I wanted it to be but anyway here goes.  1 Night 2 Days seems to have met its match and it comes in the form of cute celebrity kids with big personalities.  The premise is simple.  Take five entertainment celebrity dads and have them take their kids on an overnight trip without mom.

Previously, I introduced all the celebs and their kids in my Banana’s post last week.  I’ve mentioned how I love how different all the dads are.  Whether it’s their occupation or their parenting personalities and so it’s no surprise that even the kids have such different personalities.

From the get-go, Hoo stood out the most because of his talkative and precocious nature.  Though outwardly friendly nature makes it easy to like him, the one kid he took to right away was Ji Ah.  So much so that Yoon Min Soo teases his son about liking her which he promptly denies.  It’s funny to see him attend to Song Jong Guk (aka future father-in-law?) rather than his own dad.

Despite the friend-like nature between Yoon Min Soo and his son, the nights proved to be hard for Hoo as he suddenly began to miss his mom.  Even after they returned from the first trip, Yoon Min So othought they had really gotten close but the truth was that it takes more than an overnight trip for it to set in; a lesson that many of the fathers are learning not just Yoon Min Soo.

Since that first trip, I think Joon has grown the most closest with his dad, Sung Dong Il, or at least it’s evident on screen.

Known for being the strict authoritarian, it seems that Joon had always found comfort with his nurturing mother.  However, I’m loving that both father and son are discovering things about each other that they previously didn’t understand.  I think that’s partly due to the way Sung Dong Il talks to Joon during their car or sleeping quarter conversations.  You can clearly see a difference when you look at his body language.  He doesn’t talk down to Joon but he listens to Joon’s thoughts on a matter while explaining his own reasons.

It’s different from the way Kim Sung Joo talk to his son, Min Guk.  Kim Sung Joo lets Min Guk behave the way he wants to based on his own thoughts.  Sung Dong Il does not.  Plus, both children take orders differently as Joon readily accepts his father’s directions while Min Guk may have questions.  Of course, I’m not saying one method is better than the other, it’s just different.

Ji Ah has clearly got her father wrapped around her finger.  In the scene where she was fidgeting and not eating breakfast, he scolded her but he immediately comforted her when she started crying.

But I wonder how that’ll work out when she’s a teenager and brings a boy home.  Oh wait, she’s already brought her boyfriend home.  At first coy, the Lunar New Year’s episode showed that she had no hesitation in hugging Hoo so that he wouldn’t leave.

Or what about the dual love arrows they sent each other during the ice fishing camping trip?

Luckily for Song Jong Guk, Ji Ah is still super sweet and loves anything her dad does for her.  Even if he does have questionable cooking methods.

Then, there’s Jun Soo.  His charms lie in that mischievous smile and the twinkle in his eyes.  Incredibly curious and very imaginative, he and his dad are more like playmates.

Jun Soo’s not afraid to stir up a little bit of trouble.  Still, my favorite scene of his is when he and Joon are tasked with getting items for dinner.  The 2nd story house they visited happened to have harvested and dried beans scattered all across the living room.  Joon stayed at a respectful distance but Jun Soo did not hesitate to dive right in to show off his various swimming strokes.  The kid is truly a kid’s kid in every sense and it’s hard not to smile when you see him.

I love the mini missions in where the kids behaviors are tested by the staff.  I hope the producers and writers keep this part of the show fresh because it is so fascinating.  The first test is what I like to call the “honey trap”.  The parents instruct the kids that they must protect a ceramic pot which contains treasure.  They must not let anyone touch or look inside it because it is fragile.  The pot is actually made out of sugar so that it’ll break easily.  But what happens when one of the other dads comes in and tempts them?

This week, the kids were given a lesson in overcoming your fears with the “haunted shack” mission.  All the kids are given a map and head out together to retrieve treasure.  I was so happy to see who was instrumental in pressing the boys on.  However, I wished we got an aftermath from one of the parents after he insisted his kid would not be brave enough to put his hand in the pot.

I could go on and on about this show and analyze it to no end because I enjoy it immensely.  But for now, I’ll wait patiently for this weekend when we will get to see if the dad’s have enough skills to cook for the members of the village.



38 thoughts on “First Impressions – Dad! Where Are You Going?: Ep. 1 – 8 – 아빠! 어디가?: 1회 – 8회

    • Haha, well according to her dad she drank milk from the carton and she got an allergic reaction from the carton. So everyone in the episode asks why she has a mustache. Aww, I felt so bad that she was self-conscious of it the whole episode. Hoo makes everything he eats look delicious. I admit that I did go out to get fried chicken.

      I’m surprised (but glad) that there are subs. I was worried that many would feel the show that it’s too much of a kid show with the All rating. I’m sure the next episodes will come soon. Hoo’s pretty cute (in general too) in the Lunar New Year episode because there’s a reason why he needs to go around to bow to adults in order to make money. Stay tuned!


      • One other question, if you don’t mind. When they were looking at the baby in the NY’s episode, what did Yoon Min Soo say to Min Guk that made MG mad?


  1. It’s students subbing them at So they’ll sub as they get to them. What’s the reason for all the bows? Hoo gets special money for it why? And he didn’t mind Ji-Ah’s stache, did he? 🙂

    Hoo eats with such enthusiasm, yes. So cute, he’s almost making me want a kid.

    Btw, what’s with the back-hugging in K-shows? Is it shyness about a frontal hug?


  2. Hi!
    Just found your blog and really enjoy watching the show as well!
    Could you explain why Yoon Ho kept asking his dad “You hate me right?” when all the families slept in the tent? Also, Yoon Min Soo mentioned that for a while, they had lived separately and Yoon Min Soo slept at another house. Hence, the reason why Yoon Ho is probably closer to his mom.
    I’m so curious to know why they had to live separately for a while–I absolutely love watching Yoon Ho and his dad!



    • I am also wondering, in ep 6, where Min Guk is crying in the tent, what does Jiah say to his dad? Sounded like a scolding!



  3. This is why Dramafever or Viki should sub this show. I has no idea Yoon Hoo was asking his dad that. They seem so close! Even cuddly together.

    If Hoo’s parents separated for a while, which happens with couples, that would explain something I was curious about: why Hoo is an only child. That happens too, but all the rest of the kids have siblings.


  4. Oh wow, I didn’t realize there was such a great interest in the show. If you are not able to wait until the subs come out, I’ll try to answer the questions one by one here.

    TS: During the New Year’s ep, Yoon Min Soo ask teasingly that they should take the baby home. MG was just being protected of his new baby sister.

    Yoon Hoo goes around bowing to earn money for his mom. His mom got a speeding ticket and Hoo was worried she might be carted off to jail. So YMS said 1 bow was worth 1,000 won. I think the ticket was 30,000 won so he’d have to bow 30 times.

    Jenn: They were really vague about it. I could make assumptions about their marriage but here is what I do know. YMS married young and his wife was pregnant with Hoo before their actual ceremony. So they did fight a lot in the early years. He was busy pursuing his singing career so he didn’t really have a chance to be around his family a lot. In my opinion, I don’t feel like he was totally ready for marriage and a kid. That’s why Hoo is so close with his mother. But they did say that once when the parents were fighting, Hoo defended his dad and YMS was really touched by that. To me, Hoo and YMS have a good relationship but they’re still trying to figure each other out. So I feel like Hoo was just trying to reaffirm things with his dad.

    Amina Mirza: Jiah says to MG’s dad, ‘You know why your tent isn’t that great? It must be because it’s too small.’ Then she walks away. Ha.


    • The subs are taking forever! Why isn’t this show on Viki or Dramafever so it gets subbed regularly? I understand Shia & Reagy are busy doing other things, but it’s like being denied a drug (Hoo) fix.

      If you can recap, that would be awesome.

      W/re to the baby sister, I didn’t notice Min-Guk’s mum was pregnant in the first episode. How sweet he got protective and how adorable that baby was! And isn’t is sweet all three kids have their dad’s nose?

      With regard to the bowing, that’s so cute that Hoo is “earning” money for his mum. 🙂 What a good son! He doesn’t know she’ll just use a credit card, does he? 😉

      With regard to Hoo’s closeness to his mother, er, well, if anyone remembers the 80s show Dinosaurs, which had a bunch of plasticene dinosaurs playing your usual working-class American sitcom family, Baby called the Dad, “Not-The-Mama.” It was funny because it’s true. 🙂

      Basically, up until a certain point, kids are closer to their mothers. That’s all it is, a stage of life. After that it depends on personalities and time spent together. And yes, dads do work a lot, especially if they are responsible like YMS appears to be from this show. And sometimes, for work, they have to live away from home. For instance, currently my dad is in one country, my mother in another for her own work and my brother and I are in a third for ours. So, maybe there wasn’t any big problem as such whatsoever.

      I got the definite impression that Hoo was close to his dad and had no issues with him. Even in the first episode, his mother said, “they get on really well.” (It was subbed, sigh.) Dad showed him bathroom etiquette, got him a burger for his second breakfast (assuming here), and is now showing Hoo how to be a big boy/young man. Which at this stage for Hoo, at age 7, is crucial. If Hoo was w/o his Dad at this point, there’d be more cause for concern than, say, at age 3 or even up to 5.


  5. P.S. Jiah looks all cute and passive, but she’s also quite a character. And she doesn’t like her MinGuk Oppa getting upset, does she? Someone ought to explain to her that later in life, when MG is acting in melodramas, all this crying experience will come in very handy…


  6. I believe Dramafever hasn’t acquired the rights to broadcast the show on their site yet. Everything that they do is contracted with the distributors. It’s a little different with variety shows as you don’t know if it’s gonna be popular but if you express interest I’m sure they’ll do it. I’m not sure about Viki though.

    I realize today that I did get one thing wrong. Jiah got her mustache because she was drinking milk out of the bottle too hard. The suction that she caused created a bruise. Today, they called it a bruise which made me realize that.

    I did go back and rewatch the first episode when the kids met and boarded the bus. She was sitting in the last row but since there were only 4 seats, Joon didn’t fit. Min Guk planned to slide over a little so everyone could fit but Jiah chose to sit on her own. Min Guk followed her and I expect so she wouldn’t be all alone. But I think that was the beginning of how MG and JA looked out after each other because Hoo took over that roles as protector. But I forgot that early moment they had. They also never said what she whispered in her dad’s ear. That was also before Hoo so it makes me wonder if she said she liked MG first just because he was so kind to her.


    • Oh right. I forgot that he admitted that during the New Year’s special. But I think that just speaks to MG’s charms and certain responsibilities he feels bc he’s older. Despite being a crier and a scaredy-cat. I love the conversation he has with his dad during today’s ep about how they are so much like each other.


  7. i have been looking for the sub videos like a maniac thinking may be there it is out somewhere but cant seem to find any after ep 4..ottoke anyone help??i m missing them so much esp Jun..


  8. I just watched ep 8…I think hoo’s father teases his son too much : ho is such warm heart child, he cannot stand that anybody is weak or got a problem, he immediately comes to help that person; I wonder if min soo really loves his wife that he ask his son to do such great effort just for the show (he even didn’t count the 4+ 6 bows that Hoo made at home, he pushed his son to do 18 + 18 bows at Ji Ah and Min Gook home :(; then he made Hoo feel uncomfortable too when eating at Ji Ah home, forcing him to have more kimchi; I think that min soo controls too much the mind and the feelings of his son…I think he wants to do this to his wife too but she looks witty and seems that he cannot stand that 🙂 (Hoo: Mum knows everything, I knew it!; min soo : And I don’t know ! ‘)
    Despite all of that, I admit that I love both…and enjoy the show they perform together …but still I think that Yoon Hoo will be clever and sensible as his mother looks to be 🙂


    • @Mary Ann, have the lunar episode and the last bit of the ice camping combined. That’s the one with the bowing, and I think they just call it episode 7 (the lunar new year ep throws off the numbers a bit).

      I agree Yoon Min Soo is a bit mean and could do with controlling some of his snark. He’s also super-smart, and I think he feels left out of the relationship between Hoo and Hoo’s mother. My guess is that although he talks about wanting Hoo’s attention, he probably wants as much attention from his wife when wife and kid are together. (A second kid might help, though Min Soo would probably end up sleeping on the floor in another room like Sung Dong Il does.)

      And he seems a little worried about his son’s weight, even though Hoo is far from obese (check out kids in the US, Min Soo-ah!) However, he also adores his son, that’s plain as well. They kiss and hug naturally and without any effort. So, let’s just chalk it up to human beings being complicated!

      Plus, Hoo is such a loving and confident child: the home just can’t be that dysfunctional if the home is a bad environment. Finally, I actually thought it was good Yoon Min Soo had Hoo work hard for the money to help his mum. Hoo got breaks between the bows while learning money has to be earned, and, Hoo was encouraged to rescue his mother and show responsibility. Encouraging Hoo is all those good values is pretty good parenting!


      • I totally agree with you..I however wish that min Soo doesn’t so often tease his son in public, sometimes making him feel uncomfortable; Hoo seems to be sensible and I’m afraid that -later -would cold the relation between him and his father …I think that Min Soo is a very charismatic man but a dominating male..:)


  9. @arboreearboreea Yes, Min Soo does seem a bit dominating, though he also tells Hoo that Hoo’s mum had a hard time during that period when Min Soo was away for work. However, he shouldn’t talk so much about their marriage.

    Perhaps if he laid off the ballads and sang something peppy for a change, he’d look and act happier. And Hoo, luckily, brushes a lot off. Besides, he’s not fat, he’s roly-poly. 🙂


    • D TS I agree with you…I don’t like that he forces his son to eat even the boys is not hungry…then telling him that is fat. I Y<S tries to win the affection of his son, manipulating him this way…I think also that it is not so healthy for a child to make great effort just after eating much 😦 , I hope that the producer or other people with authority noticed YMS about his wrong doing… 🙂


      • Coming from Pakistan originally, it seems Asian cultures may have different theories on exercise after eating. A viewpoint from my grandparents’, and my parents’ generation too, is that some exercise after eating, not immediately, but a bit after, does help you digest. So, my guess is that this a more traditional type of thinking?

        Situps does seem a bit hard though. And there must be other ways to reward or encourage Hoo that don’t involve food!

        Also, I don’t think we’ve seen Hoo eating after the situps, so perhaps they distract him from eating before bed? Or, and sorry about being a bit gross, perhaps they get rid of some tummy gas that he may be confusing with hunger?


  10. I have been trying to stay away from the parenting debates. It did come to my mind when you do a show like this you are opening the door for people to criticize the way you parent your child but when you open up your family to the public you just have to deal with the consequences that people might have something to say about that.

    I was surprised to read that some people find Yoon Min Soo mean. I guess I just want to defend him a little bit to play devil’s advocate to this conversation. I find YMS to be very playful and I don’t see the teasing as a particularly bad thing because I get the sense that Hoo really gets where his dad is coming from because he is exceptionally bright. I mean it doesn’t appear to bother Hoo, he seems to laugh it off. At least for now it does. And I’m completely aware that teasing can go far and it’s important for YMS to not cross that line too much. I think YMS thinks there isn’t much for them to bond over but I love that they bond through music (and food).

    In terms of the eating thing, I mean Hoo eats a lot. There is nothing wrong with that. But even I had concerns when I saw the amount of eggs he was consuming. (Hellooo, cholesterol? Although Hoo makes whatever he’s eating look so good that I admit I have to eat whenever I see Hoo eat.) YMS was on the heftier side previously so I’m sure the weight thing is of concern to him since it comes from his side of the family. However, he lets Hoo eat what he wants to and I like that he balances that with exercise activity. Hoo is partly aware of his physical limitations and I think that was evident in the ice camping episode. He got tired quickly during the ice sledding and looked a little depressed that he couldn’t keep up with the other kids. I could see how that affected YMS. He didn’t try to push Hoo in that instance but tried to be sensitive and encouraging. Finally, in the most recent episode, Ji Ah comes by and it looks like YMS is on the verge of taking a nap but since the two were playing together so well he left the room for them. Yeah, it was funny but if that were a parent like Sung Dong Il, his sleep would have taken priority over the kid’s playtime.


    • I had the “Whoa, cholesterol!” reaction too. And in this latest episode, spaghetti bread, really? (Although now I want spaghetti and bread.)

      I do think YMS could talk a little less about his shotgun wedding and control his irritation at Hoo and NiNi being close. However, I also think it’s because he feels left out; at least, that’s what I read from his facial expression.

      Hoo makes me want to eat too. Sometimes it’s his cheeks I crave…


      • I agree with you, TS…It is obvious that YMS competes with his wife, trying to win the affection of his child pushing him to eat what he likes the most…He also tryes to dominate his son telling him , -after he ate – that he is fat…not fair I think…Between all fathers there I like the behavior of Jia’s and Jun Soo ‘s fathers the most…They don’t look pushy at all and everyone can see how much they love their children without spoiling or manipulate them. 🙂


      • Song Jong Kook and Lee Jong Hyuk? They do express their love for their kids well but don’t you think they’re lacking in the discipline department? I’m actually worried that Ji Ah will grow up to be spoiled but hoping not. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell when you only see one side of the parenting. Maybe Ji Ah’s mom is the authoritarian. I thought about which kid I like the most but I don’t think I put much thought into which parent I like the most. There are things that I love about each parent and things I absolutely hate about each parent in terms of their parenting style.


      • I don’t think JiAh will grow up spoiled. Confident and loved, yes, but not spoiled in a bratty sense. I’ve seen spoiled kids, and they are far from easy-going and sweet-natured like she is.

        I don’t know about Junsu, but on the other hand, he’s nice kid and very cheerful, so what disciplining does he really need? Okay, he couldn’t read, but he’s getting better, and let’s face it, it was pretty cute where his dad told him Hangul was those black lines on the white paper and he looked all puzzled at it.

        Sung Dong-il, well, there’s so much that “Dad hates the most,” that Joon’s puzzled expression as he tries to figure it out is too funny. But Joon’s also learning well how to brush it off.

        MinGuk is sensitive, and so’s his dad. The mum seems cooler and more easy-going. But again, he’s basically a cheerful kid, who brushes off his bad moments and goes right into playing with the others.

        And Hoo, well, he’s a lovely child in so many ways. It’d be nice if we saw his mum and dad more in sync, but perhaps they actually are in sync, and we don’t see those clips.


      • Perhaps I was too forward to say that I’m worried that Ji Ah will turn out spoiled. She is delightful 99.9% of the time. Just that one scene in which SJK needed to lay down the law and she burst into tears and he immediately gave in to her. And you can’t really judge from that one instance but SJK is so much of a so-called “Ddal Babo” (an idiot when it comes to his daughter) that I wonder if the mom is the disciplinarian in that household.

        You know, I would reeeeally love a trip where the moms will be able to join in. Or at least provide commentary on all that has happened on the show so far, similar to the Lunar New Year’s Special? Perhaps maybe for a Mother’s Day Special?

        Ha, Junsu. He’s rambunctious but all he has to do is smile and suddenly I don’t care what trouble he’s gotten into. It’s funny that the CF Junsu is in is a Hangul learning app. I’m hoping he’s gonna actually use the product in order to start learning how to read.

        Sung Dong Il is the classic Korean dad, old school style. Despite his somewhat intimidating demeanor, I have a fondness for Sung Dong Il because he kinda resembles my parents. Oy, what would Freud say about that?

        I mean, all these kids are great and I think the parents are doing a pretty great job for their family unit. This show wouldn’t work without clever, well-adjusted and well-behaved kids and parents who let their kids be who they are. I’ve worked with a lot of kids back in the day for television shows. Some good, some not so good but these kids are at that prime age. Cute and yet innocent. So it’s very hard not to like them all.


      • Remember in ep 12 that hilarious moment where YMS is holding Junsu (what was with Junsu cuddling up to other dads that trip?) like a baby and trying to get Hoo to kiss him? And Hoo was resisting while Junsu’s smiling and eyeing them both as talk, like he’s a puppy who knows he’s cute.


      • Lol, that was just wonderfully random. I think even Junsu doesn’t know why he does half the things he does. Junsu as a puppy who knows he’s cute is a perfect description for him. I can almost see Junsu wagging his imaginary tail every time he smiles. If Joon is the heartbreaker, I want Junsu to be my puppy. Who’s a good puppy?


    • Right?! Any food-related CF that Hoo does, you bet that you will be able to find me in the store the next day buying it. He makes everything look so delicious and I love that lip smacking noise he makes when he eats. So cute.

      Aaaah Joon. I love Joon and I love his love for reading. Though that episode when he forgets and leaves his money pouch on the bus in Jejudo, it had me going, ‘Why Joon, whhhy?’ And nevermind when I was younger. Where are boys/men like him now? Joon seems so dependable. I can’t wait for him to grow up and somehow figure out how to cure cancer or save the world. Swoon.


      • Joon, aaahh, he cooks, he cleans, he has awesome hair and gorgeous skin. And he gets his shopping done. 🙂 Yes, where are boys/men like him now?

        As for leaving his bag, no worries there. Adults do that sort of thing too.


  11. hahaha… funny kids and dads….. i love this show…… can’t wait for the next episode…. they all have different characters but you will love all of them… my favorites are yoon hoo and lee junsu…. 🙂


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