Just Bananas About: Week of 3/4/13

I love absurdly silly things.  One of which has returned while the other peaked my attention.

Psych is back!  The way things were left off last season, Shawn’s dad, Henry (Corbin Bernsen), gets shot by a former cop who he thought was a friend.  You’d think that would make the show’s return serious.  Well, the situation definitely is dire and it made Shawn (James Roday) more erratic but still very, very funny.

Gus (Dulé Hill) still craved all things food.  It didn’t matter if their lives were on the line.  They directed the Bomb Mobile Diffusive Unit or as Shawn calls it, Johnny-Five from Short Circuit, to the plate of nachos rather than the bomb.

Woody (Kurt Fuller) went around carrying body bags thinking that the boys and even Henry would not make it.

And Shawn decides to go undercover by wearing a beard but Gus refuses to let him go alone.  He only has one beard.  What to do?  Cut the beard in half.  Ha.

I love that this show makes references to old cult classics and other entertainment references and Shawn and Gus’ bromance is what makes me keep coming back.  Also leading up to the premiere, they decided to air 6 hours of Psych back to back in the middle of the night as part of their first Psych Slumber Party marathon.  You’d think watching episodes I’ve already seen would be boring but the episodes were so good that it was nice to see again.  I hope they do it again.


I never really been into Teen Top.  However, I saw their music video after this week’s Kim Byung Man’s Laws of the Jungle and it makes me want to give their new album a try.  The song, “긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right) (She with the long, straight hair (Miss Right))”,  sounds like they’re taking some inspiration from Big Bang.  But the music video looks silly and fun.  The whole jail concept doesn’t really make sense to me but okay I’ll go along with it.  Perhaps one day, they’ll make it to one of my playlist posts.


4 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 3/4/13

  1. Here’s a question: how many boys do you really need in a boy band? Block B and ZEA each have 9, and these guys are pushing it at 6

    Another: when these guys aren’t teens anymore, what should they call themselves? formerly known as Teen Top?

    Snarks aside, I like the song. And they are all cute.


    • Ha, snark away. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I wanted to think about your first question because there’s a solid business reason for it. Really need? It depends on the management company I suppose. I know it kinda sounds like a flippant answer but there are certain groups in which companies don’t mind taking more risk (better singers, dancers, musicians) while other groups may not be able to afford the risk. Put it this way: the more the members, the less pressure each member has in terms of singing/dancing to a song. If they are good-looking enough and entertaining enough the boy band/girl band route could be their foray into the entertainment industry and more importantly the public eye. Later on, they’ll be known more for their variety show personalities than for singing. For example, I think Hwang Kwang Hee is a better variety showman rather than a singer or dancer. I swear I could at least sing better than him. But I completely enjoy him as a variety show talent. Without ZEA, I don’t think I could have readily accepted him as just a variety show personality.

      As for the teen thing, SNSD brought up a good point on the last episode of Strong Heart. Spice Girls still call themselves girls. NKOTB still goes with the kids thing. As long as the youthful spirit lives on, so can the name? That is, if this group can make it to the point where they don’t look like teens anymore. Now, I have this image of Teen Top when they’re elderly trying to dance to their old hits except they have walkers.


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