Just Bananas About: Week of 3/11/13

It’s kind of funny how timely things can be.  I commented on a fellow blogger’s post recently about the entertainment value of relationship variety shows.  Most specifically We Got Married, since that’s the only one I’m watching right now and I’ve mentioned some things I’ve missed about Season 1.

It’s not that I don’t find the show entertaining anymore.  I just feel a sense of whiplash at how quickly we go through the couples.  The reality of it is if you count the number of episodes we spend on the couples, nothing really has changed since the beginning.  What sets this show apart from the others ones is that they’re supposed to represent a fake marriage and the problem is that I just feel like we don’t get to see them do all the things that a married couples do.  Rather than just go on dates.

Looks like the variety gods have been listening somewhat so I’ll just get into a mini overview of this week’s episode because a lot happens.

The mission that I missed the most was the one where they had to take care of other people’s kids.  Alex and Shin Ae ended up with quintuplets, I think?  Crown J and In Young ended up with a baby girl who couldn’t stop crying.  I just feel like it was an eyeopening experience for both couples and their parenting abilities.  Well I was pleasantly surprised to see Kwang Hee bring Sun Hwa over to the Moon household, which is the home of the Moon brothers: Mason, Mavin and Maden.  While Kwang Hee and Sun Hwa spend the day with the boys, the boys’ parents would get a chance to spend some much needed time together.

From the get-go you could tell how different their parenting styles were.  Kwang Hee was eager to give them whatever they wanted while Sun Hwa wanted to make sure that the boys didn’t end up being spoiled.

At the toy store, she put down her foot and decided the boys would only get one new toy each.  She made Kwang Hee put all the excess back.

Back at the home, the group played with their new toys, dressed up as superheroes and made a mess out of the living room until the reality of parenting finally set in.

The boys had to be assisted to the bathroom and the youngest, Maden’s diaper needed to be changed.  It was an alarming experience for Sun Hwa as she had to get over her embarrassment of changing a diaper but then have Maden teach her how.  What’s next for our newest parents?

Next up, it’s our newest couple.  Okay, I have to admit it was a bit funny and a bit real to watch these two.  They are actually a couple and have been for 11 years.  It’s indie music guitarist Jo Jung Chi and singer Jung In.

I’ve seen Jung In on I am a Singer so I know that she can do variety television.  Fellow celebrity friends mentioned how she is a female version of Park Myung Soo and I never saw the resemblance until she put on a wig to reflect how her hair was cut 11 years ago.

As for Jo Jung Chi, I know nothing about him and it makes me worried.  He’s not an idol or an up and coming actor which we’re used to seeing on these variety shows.  Which could be a very good thing.  However, I’m not sure how quickly he’ll pick up this variety show format.  He seems a little indecisive in this first outing.  And unkempt.  The fact that he doesn’t really throw out the garbage because he’s not completely sure where they go seems ridiculous.  He’s been living at this place for over a year!

Their mission was to return to the place of their first date.  From the looks of it, it seems like they’re gonna end up in two different places because they have different ideas of what their first date was.

Finally, our last couple.  Jin Woon takes Joon Hee to go exercise but this place is a bit unorthodox than your average gym.  He takes her fencing.  He’s pretty good at the sport and teaches her the basic rules and some moves.  When they first come out wearing their outfits, Joon Hee cannot take her eyes off of him, looking him up and down like a woman on the prowl.  It is pretty hilarious.  She claims that she’s not doing anything but you could clearly see her eyes scan him up and down.

They duke it out and at first he easily beats her until she pouts.  He evens up their playing levels by promising to fence on one foot.  Whenever he wins, he does a cutesy “aa-ng” and jumps up like in the mangas and when she wins she winks.

She wins the match and it appears to me that Jin Woon lets her win.  But what he wins is their first real and natural skinship as she tries to comfort him from his loss.

I liked this fencing bit but I’d like to see the two move into one of the houses already.  As for Jung Chi and Jung In, the jury is still out.  I’d like to see more of the couple before I decide if I like them.  Just because they’re a real couple doesn’t make them variety television approved.  Out of all the couples, I liked Kwang Hee and Sun Hwa’s segment the best because it was revealing, entertaining and set their day apart from the other couples we’ve seen this week and in the past few month.  I’d like to see more married life situations in the future.


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