Just Bananas About: Week of 4/1/13

Happy April Fool’s Day!  From one of the best pranksters on television, Psych has finally reached its 100th episode.

This 7th season has been so great, so far.  The episodes are hilarious, they’ve improved the Shawn and Juliet relationship and finally Gus has a girl.  I guess someone up there has been listening.  Eeee, happy dance.  So they decided to name the 100th episode “100 Clues” and to appropriately spoof the movie “Clue”.

They even invited stars Lesley Ann Warren, Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull to guest star on the episode and shot different endings in which the viewer gets to choose the ending.

The East Coast got to see a different ending from the West Coast.  I’m sure the DVD will allow viewers to see all the different endings that were shot for the episode.

Some of my favorite moments from the episode include: when Shawn and Gus do the chocolate dance,

Highway Harry (Martin Mull) making Jewish jokes after hearing that Billy Lipps (Steve Valentine) converted to Judaism but it mostly consisted of lots of incoherent slurring and saying the names of big Jewish stars,

Gus’ fear of toupees

and the ongoing gag of Emma the panther on the loose.

You can’t help but laugh at these two and their ongoing gags.


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