Just Bananas About: Week of 4/8/13

Spring does finally seem like it’s here and the weather finally feels like cooperating with that theory.  And with that, the boys are introduced to their newest member: Actor Yoo Hae Jin.

As well as a new PD to head the show: Lee Se Hee.  I love that the boys immediately start thinking about a nickname to call their new PD since they called their last one Bird PD.  Lee Su Geun points out that he has a familial resemblance to Comedian Hwang Hyun Hee from Gag Tonight.  Uhm Tae Woong supposes he looks like a hamster so Ham PD? But then Kim Jong Min thinks he kinda looks like a bald eagle which prompts the PD to put on his cap. Hmm, Jong Min. Don’t want to push the new PD too far, too soon or else you might end up paying for it.

The first mission has the boys looking for Hae Jin at one of the rest stops on their way to Tong Young.  Only the members that find him are able to eat breakfast with him.  Each stop is known for having a particular dish so it all depends on what he would want to eat.

Su Geun and Tae Hyun get off at the first stop but he’s not there.  It was a pretty low probability that he would be there but Su Geun felt didn’t want their newest member to feel left out on his first day of shooting jsut in case he was there.  Not sure why Tae Hyun decided to follow him out then.

He then sends two picture clues and Jong Min convinces both Joo Won and Tae Woong to get off at the 2nd stop.

He calls them idiots…

…but Hae Jin is at the stop.  Who is the idiot now?

The boys only discover the mountains in the picture when a truck that was parked next to them pulls out.  So Jong Min jumps off but it’s too late. Hae Jin, Tae Woong and Joo Won have already finished eating by the time Jong Min gets off.  Jong Min ends up being left at the stop and must hitchhike his way to Ok San.

The final stop of the trip is actually Bi Jin Island which is a boat ride away off of Tong Young.  On the way, they play games which include guess the real food item.  Winning team gets brunch.

It’s Hae Jin versus Tae Hyun, the latter of which is known for his bad luck with games.  What’s impressive is that Hae Jin just picks without putting too much thought into it.

Unfortunately, that luck runs out for the pair of yogurt drinks where one is salt water.  Hae Jin tells the group that there is just enough salt in the water which garners laughter.  Tae Hyun’s team wins that round but he inadvertently ends up eating the kimbap with the pepper in it again.

On the island, the group explores the island a bit but it’s not long before they head to base camp which ends up being at the school.  Since there are no cars on the island they must cart everything up the hilly road to the school.  It prompts them to play a round of cart relay before exploring the island again.

Next up, the boys play shoe toss in which they have to get their shoe over the line without it going out of bounds.  Not going in the cold sea is what’s on the line.  The harsh winds prove to be tricky in this game.

Unfortunately, none of them succeed except for Joo Won.

So they go again until three losers are left.   In order to figure out who goes into the water, they play a game in which a flag is being held up by a mound of sand.  They must cut away at sections of the sand without letting it fall on their turn.

Hae Jin begins to ask what happens if it falls in between turns but then the flag falls.  Since Jong Min’s turn ended, Hae Jin is the loser.

Of course, the boys wouldn’t let their newest member jump in the water all by himself so the entire group jumps in one by one.  So far, I’m really liking Hae Jin.  He may be the oldest member but, as Tae Woong says it, he’s still a kid because he’s still single.  Haha, Tae Woong was a bachelor only a few months ago.  Hae Jin brings a lot of laughs and can be brash when it comes to how he plays the games.  That boldness is going to be a lot of fun.  Plus, maybe it’s because it’s his first time out doing this show but I like the fact that PD Lee Se Hee incorporated a lot of games as well as the punishments.  He doesn’t seem like he’s gonna be a pushover.  I’m looking forward to next week.


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