Just Bananas About: Week of 4/15/13

It’s been over a year since the first season of  Ten.  Now it’s finally back!  I’m partly frustrated and partly intrigued by the mystery while being impressed that the drama was able to pull me back in despite not getting the answers I wanted.  Yes, you read that right.  We don’t get the answers we want.  (Warning!  Spoilers ahead.)

The drama picks up right where we left off last season.  Nam Ye Ri (Jo An) has been captured (we told you not to go in that creepy, abandoned factory by yourself) by our so-called F serial killer and wrapped in green tape.  What?  Whooo is it?

But the drama isn’t so willing to give up that information just yet so we go back in time to when Yeo Ji Hoon (Joo Sang Wook) leaves the group on their own.  So the team decides to create a timeline using the files that Ji Hoon has left behind.  For a wee-cap, the F serial killer has plagued Ji Hoon since before he brought the Ten team together.

He’s given that name for the fact that he kills females on Fridays and for the things he does to their faces.  The remaining three go back to the beginning to question anybody that was involved in the cases.

They’re not sure as to why they were chosen for the Ten team until Park Min Ho (Choi Woo Shik) recognizes a location and realizes how he had found the sites where one of the bodies were discovered.

Then Baek Do Shik (Kim Sang Ho) visits his old precinct and asks his buddy to check on a case for him.  Incredulously, his friend laughs and wonders how Do Shik could not only forget one of his cases but a pivotal homicide case.

Elsewhere Ye Ri looks into a case and discovers that the dead woman’s mother still stands outside the police station after all these years in hopes that someone will remember and help to find out what happened to her daughter.  Upon looking at the photo, she recognizes the face and her connection to the case.

We’ve known all along how the three detectives came to be a part of Ji Hoon aka The Monster’s team last season. So it was a little frustrating because I’m eager to find out what happened to Ye Ri but it was interesting to see the team figure out the clues for themselves. This is potentially something that could change the Ten team dynamic forever.

As the group goes back through all the cases they realize that one case hasn’t been documented like the others: Ji Hoon’s deceased girlfriend, Hee Joo.

Do Shik theorizes that maybe the killer didn’t arrive at the hotel during the sting operation but that he was lying in wait with the body and that’s how he was unseen by the cameras. Upon reviewing the footage again, they notice another clue. During the chaos following the blackout, Ji Hoon is right in front of Room 101. Could it be a coincidence or are the seeds of doubt being planted?

Just then the group is busted for conducting unauthorized investigations since the team has been disbanded. The three are questioned but they don’t give anything up.

Until they’re shown surveillance footage of Ji Hoon leaving one of the victim’s home and we’re left with the thought: has the monster turned into the devil?

Yes, I’m a little disappointed that we got the same information that we knew from last season but I’m also okay with it in this case because the story was told so well.  Ye Ri, Do Shik and Min Ho are brought up to the same speed as us, the viewers, but they come to it on their own.

Plus, it has been over a year and it’s hard enough for me to remember little details from a drama I watched last month, let alone a year ago.  This drama is all about the little details.  I’m not sure if I would have had the same reaction if I watched the seasons back to back.

However, I’m glad to have an old favorite back.  Pleeease, must know what happens to Ye Ri!  Siiigh, still got another week to go.  This wait was worse than waiting for Mad Men to return last year.


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