[Review] Loveholic/Can’t Wait – 참을 수 없는.


When Ji Heun (Chu Ja Hyeon) loses her job at the publishing company, her friend, Kyeong Rin (Han Soo Yeon) lets her stay at her place for the time being.  Unlike Ji Heun, Kyeong Rin appears to have it all, an ideal marriage and luxurious lifestyle.  That is, until she meets her husband’s hospital colleague, Dong Joo (Kim Heung Soo).  They begin a passionate affair.  Meanwhile, Ji Heun and Kyeong Rin’s husband, Myung Won (Jung Chan), are surprised when they discover they have many things in common and an attraction grows slowly from their friendship.

This is an old movie but one that intrigued me recently.  The English title given to the film is Loveholic but it shouldn’t be confused with the 2005 drama literally called Loveholic.  The actual title means that you’ve lost the ability to hold back or be patient about something.  All four characters are so different from each other and in one way the movie is very soapish but I also find it interesting that a male director like Kwon Chil In is able to understand women on this level.  Loveholic does describe the personalities of both Ji Heun and Kyeong Rin because even if they are women who are having affairs, they also want to love and be loved.

The movie is all about the public front versus your secret desires.  We mainly follow the women in this story, the choices they make and their friendship.  Also, the way the affair starts out for Kyeong Rin and Dong Joo is very different from Ji Heun and Myung Won and the film doesn’t weigh in on the morality of it.

Kyeong Rin is a bored housewife, tired of doing what is expected of her.  She may have been reluctant at first but quickly becomes overwhelmed by the perilous thrills of her affair and she’s taken by Dong Joo’s brazen nature.  Myung Won was always the safe choice for her.  However, she’s totally unprepared for Dong Joo’s response when she wants something more than just the physical.

As for Ji Heun, it starts out more gradually with Myung Won.  She sees him as an uptight prick at first and he sees her as irresponsibly immature.  At first it’s awkward between the two of them.  He’s her friend’s husband and they both don’t really like each other very much.  It’s through their love of baseball that they get an opportunity to talk and get to know each other.  Whether this is love is completely different story and it has nothing to do with that a fact that Ji Heun doesn’t do anything until after she knows about Kyeong Rin’s affair.

The movie is pretty sexual in nature even though it doesn’t show too much.  On a mental and emotional level, it explores people’s hidden natures and desires.  So for someone looking for a romantic movie, this really isn’t it.  There’s a nice flow to the movie even if the ending does kind of leaving you hanging a bit.



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