Just Bananas About: Week of 5/13/13

She & Him isn’t the only American artist that’s playing on my playlist these days.  Michael Bublé recently released a new album a couple weeks ago.

I like Michael Bublé.  I thought he was just eeeh when he first debuted because he was doing Sinatra numbers and he was so good at sounding like Sinatra.  If I had wanted to listen to Sinatra, I would listen to the man himself.  However, he came into his own with “Home”.  And after that song, I became a fan.

The title song off his latest album is “It’s a Beautiful Day” and the music video is a humorous look at how he’s not gonna look at the bright side of things.  The song is a total mood booster.  It also resembles Joseph Gorden Levitt’s dance sequence in [500] Days of Summer.

Michael Bublé – It’s a Beautiful Day

I have to admit the guy is pretty cool.  During his promotions for this album, he ended up at the 66th Street Lincoln Center stop of the NYC subway to sing with street performers.  I love the expression on people getting off the subway.

The other songs on the album “To Be Loved” are mostly made up of classic pop and soul standards.  I wish there were more original written and composed tracks but at least the familiar numbers sound great.  Two of which happen to be songs from the Disney repertoire.  Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and the song used for Disneyland commercials “Young At Heart”.  It’s just such a feel-good album that it’s hard not to smile at it and reminisce about childhood, first loves, or other good memories.

Michael Bublé – You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Michael Bublé – You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Michael Bublé – Young At Heart

Michael Bublé – Young At Heart


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