Monkey Poo: And the axe falls…

It’s a precarious time on the American tube right now.  May sweeps and the news as to whether your shows will be returning for another season.

Usually I don’t really report on this but it’s worth noting that NBC is going axe-happy on quite a number of shows.  Most I don’t even watch or care about and a few that I do.

Here are the shows that NBC cancelled:

Rock Center – The Brian Williams news program didn’t get the ratings it needed for primetime.

Deception – Didn’t even know what this show is.  Looks like they were trying to go for another Revenge.  Though I love these one word titles: Revenge, Deception, what’s next, Betrayal?  Wicked?

Do No Harm – Didn’t watch this Jekyll & Hyde remake but not surprised.

Smash – It hasn’t been a great season but I’m a little sad about this.

Animal Practice – I did want to watch it in the beginning but didn’t have the time.  Now I’m glad I never started.

Guys with Kids – Yeah, we’ve seen the guys raising kids show.  It’s called Two and a Half Men.

Up All Night – Wasn’t gonna watch this anyways without Christina Applegate.

Whitney – I didn’t get why people thought she was funny.  Apparently she’s not.

1600 Penn – This show was an enemy of the state.

Go On – It was nice to see Matthew Perry on TV again.  Not that I watched but it was nice seeing an old friend again.

The New Normal – The concept of the show wasn’t enough to grab viewers’ attentions.

Ready for Love – Reality-Dating show.  Nope, apparently we aren’t ready for love.  The show marketed itself off as a non-trashy show but just like this past season of the Bachelor, super-trashy.

**NBC hasn’t made a decision as to what they’re gonna do about Hannibal yet.  But someone is going to get flambéed if it’s not renewed.  *Calms down.*  Okay, say it does get cancelled.  I would not be opposed to it being picked up by a cable network.  However, I like having the show on network TV.  The show is pretty violent but they are limited as to what they can show.  The less is more factor is totally playing mind games with me.

And while I’m here, here are the cancelled shows of the other networks:


Golden Boy – I remember Theo James from Bedlam.  He’s just not a well-known face in the US to the take the lead in a US drama.

Made in Jersey – Heard about the series but didn’t know it was a legal drama.  Seriously though, the network has The Good Wife and this one looks like Fairly Legal except the main character is from a blue collar family.

Partners – CBS tends to do this.  Find something that works and tries to create another version of the same concept.  How I Met Your Mother is great, don’t need Partners.

Vegas – Two cops who are at odds with each other solving crimes in Vegas.  Nah, pass.

The Job – Reality-competition series in which people compete to get their dream job.  What a way to dig it in.  People want to watch TV to escape, not be reminded that the unemployment rate is still high.

Rules of Engagement – Had a good run for 7 seasons.  Like any Hollywood marriage.


Ben & Kate – Another show with a weak concept.

Touch – Don’t even know how this show got a second season to begin with.  For Kiefer Sutherland fans, 24 will be coming back in 2014.  So there’s that.

The Mob Doctor – Loved Jordano Spiro on My Boys.  But really, that’s the best title they could come up with?

ABC – There are a lot of show listed below but ABC has never been shy about axing a program.

Don’t Trust the B- in Apt. 23 – Other than James van der Beek, the other two leads were annoying more than funny.  A 2nd season of this show was more than generous.

Last Resort – From the first episode, I think a lot people knew that this show was a last resort.

Zero Hour – Zero Hour just zeroed out.

How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Live) – Nope, people don’t find that funny at all.

Body of Proof – The network has Castle and… even I’m not watching that show anymore.

Family Tools – Don’t have a clue as to what this show is.  Don’t care to know.

Malibu Country – Why not just call it Reba 2.0?

Happy Endings – Didn’t watch this show but I know a lot of friends are gonna be depressed about this news.

Red Widow – Didn’t watch The Mob Doctor, what makes you think I’d watch The Mob Wife?


Emily Owens, M.D. – Mamie Gummer deserves waaaay better than CW.  Sorry CW, but you know it too.  Though her character is super annoying, I love when she guests on The Good Wife.

90210 – Thank goodness.  Perhaps it’s a generational thing but this just wasn’t my neck of the woods type of show.

Cult – Loved Robert Knepper on Prison Break but didn’t care to follow him on this show.


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