Just Bananas About: Week of 5/20/13

Oooh, there was some good TV this week.  The American TV season is in the midst of finales and one which I’ve been interested in is Scandal.  On the Korean TV front, there is also an episode of Dad! Where Are You Going? that I have been waiting for since we’ve been introduced to some of the other family members of our favorite kids.  I know, the two shows are quite different so I’ll start with the G-rated one first.

Aaah Dad! Where Are You Going?, we got a sneak peek at the other siblings during our visits to their homes but it was just never enough for me.  I was glad to hear that they were going to do a siblings special and that the kids themselves felt excited about going.  One thing that was interesting is that the kids on the show don’t watch the show.  I guess it keeps them honest about how they behave in front of the cameras.

We start off the morning with Lee Tak Soo, older brother to Jun Soo.  First one to peek his head out when the cameras enter his home and then he can’t contain his excitement when he reads the day’s mission card.  He rushes to get dressed and even helps him mom set the breakfast table.  He’s 11 years old and he’s most excited about meeting Min Guk because they’re the closest in age.  He’s also excited about meeting Hoo since he’s so cute.

At Min Guk’s house, Min Yul is sleeping when he’s dad tries to tell him that he can come along.  He tries getting dressed by himself in order to impress his dad.  Surely enough, he’s pretty brainy like his brother but unlike him he doesn’t seem to sweat the small stuff.  Min Yul is the youngest out of the group being only 5 years old.

Song Jong Guk is very different with his 2nd child, Ji Wook.  He’s kinda tough on him trying to teach him how to be the man and even makes him massage his ol’ dad in order to earn his place on this trip.  He makes Ji Wook promise to look out for his older sister and keep the other boys away.  Lol.  Ji Ah adores her little brother and it looks like Jong Guk is gonna be a loner on this trip.

I am soooo bummed that Joon’s little sister, Bin, got sick and is unable to tag along.  Joon’s pretty nonchalent about her not going.  Aww, I want to see more of her.  I love that even though she’s got a throat cold, she’s licking a popsicle early in the morning.  Sung Dong Il tries to take it away from her but she’s resolute about eating her popsicle.  Lol.  Maybe next time, Bin.

Since Hoo doesn’t have any siblings, Yoon Min Soo tells Hoo that he’ll be the big brother.  Which has Hoo playing along when they meet up with the other kids.

The group heads back to the location of their first trip, the Poom Pyung Ri village in the Northern Chungcheon Province.  Min Guk suggests battling it out so they could end up with different housing but the other kids want the original setup.  Min Guk loses and back they go to the dilapidated shack.  He immediately calls his mom sighing and telling her where they are but Min Yul loves it.  The kids must split up again in order to get ingredients for dinner.  The older kids are sent to a neighboring village but the younger kids will stay here.  They’re led by Hoo and right away the group gets distracted with catching tadpoles at the stream.

I have to admit that Min Yul steals the show.  Before filming starts at the village, everyone is asked to hand over their cell phones after making last minute calls to their moms.  Of course, none of them are able to reach their mom who are now probably enjoying their new found freedom.  Min Yul throws a tantrum refusing to let go of the phone.  Even Min Guk can’t help to pull him off.

After the kids are given their tasks, Min Yul goes to the PD to asks questions about the map he’s been given taking in all the instructions.  However when alone with the other kids, the wind blows his map away.  He’s about to cry saying that it was a really important thing but Ji Wook races down to fetch it for him.  He calls Ji Ah by her name and she corrects him by saying that she’s a noona.  He calls her noona but then says that he’s an oppa.  Lol.  Finally, he falls down and hurts his knee.  I was thinking that he was gonna burst out in tears but he just ends up singing a tadpole song.  Priceless.  I just wonder if these kids will ever get around to their task.  Last time, they were distracted by the puppies and this time it’s the tadpoles that’s got the group intrigued.


Hellooo, Gladiators.  Scandal has been pretty great all season but even I didn’t see how it was going to end this season.  Be aware for those that haven’t seen the episodes.  Major, I mean, major spoilers ahead.  You’ve been warned.

After the shocker the week before, I never felt that David Rosen (Joshua Malina) was the bad guy.  The group has been pretty misguided this season.  Doing things that even they felt unsure about.  But Rosen always wanted to do the right thing.  After all, Fitz (although he didn’t know it) won the presidency due to voter fraud.  It’s just that putting that trust in Billy Chambers (Matt Letscher) is eeeeh.  The former VP Chief of Staff is sketchy and vengeful. If anybody needed a win, it was David and I’m glad that he got it without compromising himself (too much).

Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) comes to realizes that his heart attack wasn’t a mere heart attack.

He decides to set Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) straight.  She slept with Jake (Scott Foley) and he killed Verna.  Was it cruel of him?  Yes.  Was it necessary?  Absolutely.  These two need to get off cloud-nine and be practical about it all.  He is the President and she is the other woman; and Mellie, while she’s pretty vindictive in private, she’s an angel in front of the press.

Although I couldn’t help feeling a little bad for Fitz when he knelt in silent apology to Mellie (Bellamy Young).  It looked pretty pathetic.

They said that Quinn (Katie Lowes) was gonna go where she’s never gone before and she definitely did the scene where she tortures Billy Chambers.  Huck was horrified at the sight of it and when they returned to the office, he needed to retreat to his corner.  She sees that but I’m not even sure if she knows how turn things around herself.  It’s going to be interesting next season.

Finally, we learn what we suspected all season.  Jake’s not really a bad guy and he does have genuine feelings for Liv.  But his affiliations are not just going to let him be.

And those affiliations is actually Liv’s dad.  Dun, dun, dun.  I’ve always wondered how Liv got to be the political fixer that she is and now that picture is coming clearer.

Plus, how is Liv going to spin the fact that the press has gotten wind that she’s the other woman?  I’ve got so many questions.


2 thoughts on “Just Bananas About: Week of 5/20/13

  1. I LOVED this week’s episode of DWYG ❤ I am actually really behind in this show, but I have been waiting for the siblings special.

    MinYul really stole the show! He is such an adorable, smart little boy. His voice! (That jejudo phone call is still one of my favorite parts) His hairstyle! haha I love how all the siblings adore each other though they show it in different ways.

    TakSoo seems very cool and mature especially in comparison to the regular kids. He was also very adorable when he was getting prepared to leave. Also, JunSu clearly adores his older brother.

    JiWook was quietly awesome. He seems to get along easily, and he is 든든해(?). When he went to retrieve the map for MinYul, I was surprised because around his father JiWook is more timid. Plus, I love his backpack. I kind of wish Song Jong Kook had brought his son to the show instead so they can get closer. They remind me of pre-DWYF Jun and Sung Dong Il in a sense.

    Finally, MinSoo hyung. HAHA Hoo would be an awesome older brother, and I can tell her really wants siblings since he was able to call his father "hyung" so readily. Of course Hoo's group would be the one to get distracted lol I am surprised Min Yul was the one to say let's go.


    • Yes, Ji Wook is very reliable (든든해). When he went down to get that map, he sort of reminded me of Song Jong Kook a bit. He totally looks like his dad. But I wished that Song Jong Kook wasn’t so tough on him; he’s so different when it comes to Ji Ah. Though he did deserved to get disciplined for using his foot to kick his older sister during their fight. But I love that they’re kids and they got over it quickly. I also love that Ji Wook doesn’t watch the show because he thinks that will allow him to come on the trips.

      Min Yul. The booksmart gene certainly runs in that family, doesn’t it? How he can recite things from the past trip. But he’s so very different from Min Guk. Haha, I also love his hairstyle too. He’s got that cute, curious-sounding kid voice like it belongs to a cartoon kid. Lol.

      Yeah, I agree that Hoo would make an awesome older brother. It doesn’t matter if they have a boy or a girl. He’d be great to both a younger brother or younger sister. I can’t wait for the continuation of the trip next week.


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